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Pillar one

We will constantly act in a manner which reflects our mission, vision and values, and be ever mindful of our Oriental heritage

Pillar two

We will warmly engage all guests by natural use of their names and through friendly gestures, smiles and eye contact

Pillar three

We will carefully watch and listen to each guest so that we can understand and anticipate their needs, and respond in a timely manner

Pillar four

We will maintain an alert posture so that we can proactively and respect fully acknowledge guests and fellow colleagues, even when passing by, offering assistance when needed

Pillar five

We will take ownership of each guest request or need to ensure the guests do not have to repeat themselves

Pillar six

We will never say "no" to a guest, but offer alternative solutions

Pillar seven

We will record guest preferences in order to surprise and delight our guests and ensure that their preferences are acted upon appropriately whenever possible

Pillar eight

When directing guests around the hotel, we will always at least partly escort them, never simply pointing

Pillar nine

We will answer telephones before the fourth ring, and always speak calmly and clearly

Pillar 10

When talking with guests by telephone, we will ask permission before placing guest on hold, announce to whom they are being connected, and always allow the guest to be the one to end the call

Pillar 11

We will listen to guest complaints calmly and sincerely, apologize for any inconvenience, agree upon an action which will follow, and then ensure the action occurs