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The plasma compartment contains impermeable ____ charged proteins, and so to maintain electroneutrality, the plasma must have a slightly lower [C] of ____ and a slightly higher [C] of ____, this is known as the ____ equilibrium.
small anions (Cl-), small cations (Na+, K+)
Primary active transport requires a _____ input of energy, while secondary active transport requires a ____ input of energy.
direct, indirect
___ is the only transport that doesnt require a carrier.
simple difusion
All carrier mediated transport share the folling features: _____, _____, and _____.
saturation, stereospecificity, competition
The sodium potassium pump is ____ because it creates a charge seperation and a potential difference.
___ and ____ covalently bind to voltage gated Na+ channels preventing AP.
tetrodotoxin, lidocaine
Defective Cl- or Na+ channels leading to excess muscle contractions.
Malignant hyperthermia is altered muscle ___ channels.
Digitalis inhibits ____ in cardiac muscles.
NA-K pump
____ competitively block Ca channels in cardiac and smooth muscles.
TBW is ___ % of total weight, while extracellular fluid is ___ of TBW, and intracellular is ___ of TBW.
60, 1/3, 2/3
Water concentration is ____ proportional to osmolarity.
____ is having an equal ion/water ratio, while ___ is having an equal number of impermeable molecules per volume water.
isomotic, isotonic
The extracellular compartment is divided into the plasma which is ___% of the ECF, and the ___ which is __% of the ECF.
20%, 70%, interstitial
Total blood volume= ____ + _____ or ____/ (1-___)
plasma, cell volume, plasma volume, Hct
____ diffusion follows michaelis- menten kinetics, while ___ diffusion is
Facilitated, simple
Significantly increasing extracellular NaCl will cause ECF volume to ____, ICF volume to ___, and ICF osmolarity to ____.
increase, decrease, increase
Kwashiorkor, severe ____, lowers protein levels is the ____, causing _____ interstial fluid volume.
malnutrition, plasma, increased
____ and ___ can not be measured with markers.
ICF, interstitual