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name the 5 functions of bone
S - structure
P - protection
H - homopoiesis
M - mineral reservoir for calcium/phosphorus
M - movement
the shaft is called the
the ends of a long bone are called the
the epiphysis is filled with
spongy bone
the space within the spongy bone inside the ephiphysis is filled with
yellow marrow
red marrow fills the space inside spongy bone in which bones?
proximal end of the humerous and femur
hemopeiesis is where what is formed
blood cells
articular cartilidge covers
the articular surface of the epiphysis
periosteum surounds what portion of the bone?
the diaphysis
what are the three attributes of periosteum?
1.)it's living
2.)contains blood vessels and nerves
3.)is covered with osteoblasts on the inside
the medullary cavity is found
inside the diaphysis
endosteum contains
osteocytes and some osteoblasts
endosteum is found where?
inside the medullary cavity