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What is the CT that surrounds the testis, comes from the abd. cavity peritoneum?
tunica vaginalis
what is the CT that divides the testi into Lobuli, and surrounds a group of seminferous tubules?
Tunica albuginea
What 3 things does the spermatic cord contain?
test. artery, vein and vas defrens
where do the seminefeours tubes all meet together?
rete testis
What keeps the testes cold?
countercurrent heat exchange...heat from the test. artery moves to the test. vein because thestes are outside the body
What are the endocrine cells of the testes?
what are the excocrine cells of the testes?
germ, sertoli
what creates the blood-testes barrier?
sertoli cell
what are the 4 functions of sertoli cell?
create blood test barrier
provide nutrients
make androgen binding protein
phagocytize cytoplasm
what is the funciton of leydig cell?
synthesize androgen
what surrounds a seminferous tube and provides blood supply?
tunic vasculosa
what separtes a seminf. tube from another?
tunica propria
Sertoli cell synthesizes what steroids?
sertoli cell synthesoizes what peptides?
Antimillerian hormone
FRUCTOSE rich environment
what does testicular transferrin do? what makes it?
sertoli cell makes it
it accepts Fe from Serum transferrin, for the gametes
what does antimillerian hormone do? what makes it?
sertoli cell makes it, it helps develop the reproductive tract
whta type of cell remains after mitosis?
a primary spermatocyte, with 4n
What kind of hormone is androgen? what secretes it?
leydig, it is a C-19 steroid
what are the 2 androgens?
testosterone, and androstenedione
What binds androgens? why are they important?
SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) it is large, so androgens aren't secreted into urine
a - sertoli cells
b - spermatogonia
c - spermatocytes
d - limiting membrane
e -spermatids
a - 2n primordial germ
b - 2n spermatogonium
c - 4n
d - serpmatogonia 2n
e - 2n spermatogonia (end of mit)
f - 4n primary spermatocyte
g - 2n secondary spermatocyte
h - 1n spermatid