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mitral valve
also known as bicuspid valve; located between left atruim and the left ventricle
myocardial infarction
death of cardiac muscle cells resulting form inadequete blood supply as in coronary thrombosis
muscl of the heart (the brown stuff in our cow heart
P Wave
deflection of an ecg that occurs with depolerazation of the aorta
? (the back of the book said to see SA Node)?
membrane that surronds the heart (in our cow heart-the stuff by the aorta)
pulmonary circulation
venuous blood flow from the right atruim to the lung and returning to the left atrium
purkinje fibers
specialized cells located in the walls of the ventricles; relay nerve impulses form hte AV Node to the ventricles causing them to contract
QRS Complex
deflection of an ECG thatr occurs as a result of depolarization of the ventricles
semilunar valve
valves located between the 2 ventricular chambers and hte large arteries that carry blood away form the heart; valves found in the viens
sinoatrial node
(SA NODE)the hearts pacemaker; where the impulse conduction of the heart normally starts; located between the right atuim adn the opening of the superior vena cava
systemic circulation
flow of an electrocardiogram, that occurs with the repolarization of the ventricles
tricuspid valve
valve located between the right atruim and ventricle
vessel carrying blood toward the heart
small cavaties
small blood vessels which collect blood form the capillaries and join to form veins