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Sound - - Phychological Definion
Sensation caused on human ear by acoustic event or comressional wave (listener is needed -- interpret loudness or pitch)
Physical Definition of Sound
Disturbance in a medium that is caused by a vibrating body that sets the medium into a vibration Need: Sound source capable of vibrating and medium capable of vibrating
A sound source must have
physical properties of mass and elasticity
A medium is an agent in which a sound wave (caused by vibratory movement) flows through material where energy transfer occurs
A medium must have
mass and elasticity
The simplest ocillation is
Simple harmonic motion
the amount of matter in an object a body's resistence to change (measurement) measurment of not wanting ot change # of atoms in a gram will be consistent
The greater the mass..
the greater the body's resistence to change
1kg =
(m) resistence to change
a force -- the attractive force that gravity exerts on a mass
(F) an influence that can deform or change an object's state of motion. The push or pull on an object in a specific direction
F =
F=ma a= acceleration m=mass F=Force
(w) is a force exerted on mass
If mass and weight increase proportionally, this would be called a
direct relationship
If one element increases and the other decreases this would be called an
indirect relationship
(p) amount of mass per unit volume p=m/v where density has a direct relationship to mass and densiity has an indirect relationship to volume
(E) "object's Springyness" property that allows an object to return to it's original shape once a force has acted upon it. object's ability to resist distortion or changes in shape or volume
What element have the quality of elasticity?
all solid, liquid and gas
What is the point when a force applied adequate enough to cause permanent distortion?
Elastic LImit Point of breaking depends on internal elasticity
A sound source must have both
mass and elasticity
Second dummy question
Second dummy answer
Third dummy question
Third dummy answer