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Definition of average velocity

Vav = [delta]d/[delta]t

Speed and angular velocity relationship

[w thing] = v/r

Definition of acceleration

a = [delta]v/[delta]t

Time of free fall

t = sqrt(2y/g)

Acceleration and angular acceleration relationship

[curly a] = a/r


W = mg

Its in Newtons

Weight on an incline

Fparallel = mgsin[theta]

Fperpendicular = mgcos[theta]

Force parallel AND force perpendicular

Centripetal force

Fc = mv^2/r

Centripetal speed

v = 2[pi]r/T

Orbital speed

v = sqrt(GM/r)


P = Fv

Work-energy theorem

W = [delta]KE = (1/2)mvf^2 - (1/2)mvi^2

Conservation of energy

KE0 + PE0 = FEf + PEf

Conservation of energy (friction)

KE0+PE0 = KEf+PEf+Energy


Momentum and angular momentum

L = pr

Impulse (change in momentum)

[delta]p = F[delta]t = m[delta]v

Impulse (change in angular momentum)

[delta]L = torquenet[delta]t = I[delta][curly w]

Conservation of momentum (elastic)

m1v1i + m2v2i = m1v1f +m2v2f

Conservation of momentum (totally inelastic)

m1v1i + m2v2i = (m1+m2)vf

Conservation of momentum (recoil)

(m1+m2)vi = m1v1f + m2v2f

If vi=0:

m1v1f = -m2v2f

Conservation of angular momentum

(I1)f([curly w]1)f + (I2)f([curly w]2)f = (I1)i([curly w]1)i + (I2)i([curly w]2)i

Harmonics string/open pipe

fn = nv/2L

Harmonics closed pipe

fn = nv/4L

Power relationships

P = V^2/R

P = (I^2)R