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What happens in most power stations?

Water is heated to produce steam.

W is heated to produce S.

What drives the turbine?

The steams drives the turbine,which is coupled to an electrical generator that produces electricity.

What is turbine?

A machine that uses steam or hot gas to turn a shaft.

What is a generator?

A machine that produces a voltage.

Where does the energy come from?Give an example.

The energy comes from burning a fossil fuel such as coal,oil or gas.

Where can fossil fuels be obtained from?

From long dead biological material.

What happens in some gas-fired power stations?Can it be switched on very quickly?

Hot gases may drive the turbine quickly


What is a biofuel?Where are they used?

Fuel made from animal or plant products.

Made in small-scale,gas-fired power stations.

What is the fuel in nuclear power station?

Uranium (or sometimes plutonium)

What does the nucleus of a uranium undergo?

A process called nuclear fission.

What is nuclear fussion?What does it release?

The process in which small nuclei are forced together so they fuse with each other to form a larger nucleus.


What is nuclear fission?

The process in which certain nuclei (uranium -235 and plutonium -239) split into two fragments,releasing energy and two or three neutrons as a result.

What do most power stations burn to produce energy to heat water?


In a nuclear power station is uranium burned?

No uranium is not burned.

What is the process by which energy is produced in a nuclear power station?

Nuclear fission?

Name all the parts of the power station!

Fossil fuel IN

Burning fuel


Flue gases


Condensed steam (i.e. water) back to boiler = water



Electricity supply


Cooling tower

Hot moist air

Water jets

Cooling water

Hot water.

Much more energy is released per kilogram of uranium undergoing fission reactions...

Than from each kilogram of fossil fuels we burn.

Do nuclear power station release gases?


What do nuclear power stations produce?

Radioactive waste that must be safely stored for a long period of time!

Are biofuels renewable?

Biofuels are renewable sources of energy which can generate electricity.

What are renewable energy?

Energy from wind,waves and tides!

Why is energy from wind waves and tides renewable energy?

Because the sources of energy can never be used up,unlike fossil fuels or nuclear fuels.

What can we use to drive turbines directly?

Energy from winds and water.

What is a wind turbine?

Is an electricity generator on top of a tall tower.

What happens in a wind turbine?

The wind passing over the blades makes them rotate and drive a generator at the top of a narrow tower.

How can electricity be produced?

Falling water,waves and tides.

What happens in a hydroelectric power stations?

Water is collected in reservoir.This water is allowed to flow downhill and turn turbines at the bottom of the hill.

What is this?

Wind farm

What is this?

A tidal power station

What does the pumped storage system use to pump water back up the hill to top reservoir?

Surplus electricity,at times of low demand to pump the water.

What happens after pumped storage system pumps water back up the hill to the top reservoir?

Energy is stored.At times of high demand the water can be released to fall through the turbines and transfer the stored energy to electrical energy.

What form of energy is stored in the water in the top reservoir of a pumped storage system?

Gravitational potential energy

What is a tidal power station?

Traps each high tide and uses it to turn generators.

How do we use the movement of waves on the sea to generate electricity?

The movement drives a floating turbine that turns a generator.Then the electricity is delivered to the grid system on shore by a cable.

How many times does the level or the sea around the coastline rise and fall each day?


What are changes in sea level?


How can the water at each high tide be trapped?

If a barrage is built across a river estuary.

Why is wave power likely to be less reliable than tidal power?

There are always two tides a day (tides depend on gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon),but on a calm day there may not be many waves (waves depend on winds,which are unreliable).

What happens when water is released to fall down to lower sea level?

It drives turbines

What is a wave?

Disturbance in water.

What is tide?

Rise and fall of sea level because of the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun.

What is renewable energy?

Energy from sources that never run out including wind energy,wave energy,tidal energy,hydroelectricity,solar energy and geothermal energy.

What is solar energy?

Energy from the sun.

What is a solar cell?

Electrical cell that produces a voltage when in sunlight; solar cells are usually connected together in solar cell panels.

What is solar power tower?

Tower surrounded by mirrors that reflect sunlight onto a water running through it.

What does solar energy do?What does each cell have?What are they useful to power?

Transfer solar energy directly into electricity.Each cell only produces a small amount of electricity.They are usef to power small devices such as watches and calculators.

What does solar energy do?

Travel though space from the Sun to the earth as electromagnetic radiatoon.

How do we form a solar panel?

Join together large number of solar cells.

How do solar heating panels use the sun energy?

To heat water directly.

Why does a solar power tower use thousands of mirrors?

To reflect sunlight onto a water tank to heat the water and produce steam.

Side of the page is a solar panel.

Right hand if page has solar heating panel- cold water in = Hot water out with black cover and sunlight and solar energy.

Where is geothermal energy produced?

Comes from inside the earth

Where is Geothermal energy produced?

Produced inside the Earth by radioactive processes and heats the surrounding rock.

How is Geothermal energy in volcanic or other suitable areas?

Very deep holes are drilled and cold water is pumped down to hot rock.There it is heated and comes back to the surface as steam.The steam is used to drive turbines that turn generators and so electricity produced.

What happens in few parts in the world?

Hot water comes up to the surface naturally and can be used to heat buildings nearby.

A geothermal power station

Why are only a few places in the world able to have geothermal power stations?

In many places in the world the hot rocks are too far below the surface to be used.