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1. Name the 6 renewable energy types.

Wind Power

Bio Fuel (Poo Power)

Wave Power

Hydro-Electric Power

Geo Thermal Power


2.How do Hydro-Electric Power Work?

There is a reservoir and flood gates. The flood gates open flows out of the gate into a penstock and when it reaches the end it flows into a turbine. The turbine spins really fast and the power from the spinning goes into a power house which generates the electricity.

3.Does a bunsen burner deliver more thermal energy with the air hole open or closed?

Open hole.

4. What sort of energy takes place when rubbing your hands together?

Kinetic Energy

5. What sort of energy takes place when striking a match?

Potential (chemical) Energy

6.What is conduction?

Heat moving through a solid.

7. What are metals a good conductor of?

Metals are a good conductor of heat.

8. Why does heat travel by convection in fluids?

Because the particles can move around and spread heat energy.

9. What will happen if we drop a purple crystal into water and heat the beaker underneath the crystal?

The crystal will begin to dissolve.

10. What is the equation for Distance, Speed and Time?

V= D/T

Speed = Distance/Time

11. A girl takes 30 minutes to travel around a cross country ski course: a distance of 10km.

Calculate her average speed in km/h.

T: 0.5 h


S: ?


10km/0.5 = 20 km/h

12. On a speed diagram if there is a line going straight what does this mean?

The speed is stationary.

13. What is a force measured in?



14. If two boys were playing tug of war one was pulling a force of 10 N the other of 8 N. Who would win?

10 N

10 newtons

15. What is a independent variable?

The thing that you changed.

16. What is a dependent variable?

The thing you measured every time.

17. What is a control variable?

The thing (s) you kept the same.

18. Name 3 unbalanced forces.

Moving/changing speed

Changing direction

Changing the speed

19. What is a contact force?

Where it is touching.

20. How do you find your mass?

To find your mass times your weight by 10.

21. If your weight was 5.55kg. What would your mass be in n/kg?

5.55 x 10N/KG = 55.5 N/KG

22. What is the equation of density?

P = M/V

Density = Mass / Volume

23.M = 200g

V = 10cm3

P= ?

What is the density?

40/5 = 8g/cm3

24. What is Pressure?

Pressure is how much something is pushing on something else.

25. If a force is applied to a larger area the pressure will be .......................


26. If a force is applied to a smaller area the pressure will be .......................


27. Equation for Pressure.

Pressure = Force/Area

Area = Force/Pressure

Force = Pressure x Area

28. What is pressure measured in?

Pascals (Pa)