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a substance that participates in a chemical reaction
• Reactant
a substance that forms in a chemical reaction
• Product
energy that is stored in the form of chemical bonds
• Chemical Energy
a chemical reaction in which energy is released to the surroundings as heat
• Exothermic Reaction
a chemical reaction in which more energy is needed to break the bonds in the reactants than is given off by forming bonds in the products
• Endothermic Reaction
uses symbols to represent a chemical reaction and shows the relationship between the reactants and products of a reaction
• Chemical Equation
proportion of reactants and products in a chemical reaction
• Mole Ratio
a reaction in which multiple substances combine to form a new compound
• Synthesis Reaction
reactions in which substances are broken apart
• Decomposition Reaction
one atom or ion replaces another atom or ion in a compound
• Single-displacement Reaction
two atoms or ions appear to replace one another in compounds
• Double-displacement Reaction
organic compounds that react with oxygen
• Combustion Reaction
an atom or group of atoms that has one unpaired electron
• Free Radical
one substance loses electrons and another substance gains electrons
• Oxidation-reduction Reaction
a substance that speeds up or slows down a reaction but is not changed by the reactions
• Catalyst
a catalyst produced by a living thing
• Enzyme
a reaction that is acted on, or catalyzed, by an enzyme
• Substrate
a reaction that proceeds equally in both directions
• Chemical Equilibrium