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what has a full valence level with only 2 electrons?
makes ballons float =)
When an atom loses 2 electrons it has a .... charge.
opposite of positive
what kind of bonds have a property of ductility and malleability.
really ugly nail polish colors are .... colors
Elements on the left side of the perdiodic table easily ..... electrons.
opposite of gain
what tends to gain electrons. (class)
Name two atoms/electrons that wud form ionic bonds.
sodium chloride
The ..... determines how an atom will bond.
outermost ring
what class has atoms which tend to lose electrons?
When atoms have an equal number of _____ and ____ they have no charge.
protons and electrons
Positive ions are formed by _____ electrons.
The atomic number (protons) is the same as the number of _____
not neutrons
_____ are arranged by energy levels.
same as last answer
The levels _____ (closer/farther)to/from the nucleus have more energy.
The ____ level of electrons is closest to the nucleus and can hold __ electrons
intermost, 2
1)not farther away.
2) think of this song: "It takes __ baby! It takes __ baby"!
The second energy level can hold up to __ electrons.
the square root of 16
Most atoms form bonds by using only the electrons in their ______ level.
think of those chocolate cherries. the chocolate is which layer?
Elements in Groups 1 and 2 have ____ valence electrons.
1 or 2
the answer is in the question. (that was not a proverb).
Name an element that has 6 valence electrons.
what does the docter say when he wants to see how your breathing? "breathe in and out". wat do u breathe?
How many valence electrons does sodium have?
Think of Nelly's song. "I am number __ cuz 2 is not a winner and 3 no one remembers."
An atom of an element in Group 17 has how many valence electrons?
This is a title of a movie. I hav never seen it. Ii think Brad Pitt is in it.
An atom of an element in Group 17 has how many valence electrons?
title of a movie starring Brad Pitt (I think) that I never saw.
Neon has ___ valence electrons because its in Group ___.
8, 18.
1)the grade ur in wen ur 13
2)add 10 to that
Atoms of the ____ do not normally form chemical bonds.
noble gases u nerd!
think of a giant green bubble wearing a crown.
Atomd form bonds by gaining, losing, or _____ electrons.
think of that sing that was on the juicy fruit commercial: "_____ is caring, it can be fun! I'll give u sum wen u hav none. theres nothin more important under the sun. ______ is caring, it can b fun!"
The bonds formed due to the attraction of oppositley charged ions is an ____ bond.
"ironic" without the "r".
____ bonds are formed when ___ are shared by atoms.
covealant, electrons
1) starts with a c
2) think carmen electra
____ bonds are formed by electrostatic attraction of opposite charges.
take a wild guess. its only been the answer to like 50 questions already. *yes, im exagerating*
A ___ is a neutral group of atoms held together by covalent bonds.
a really tiny particle. rhymes with Nolecule.
A potassium ion has a charge of __ because it contains 1 more proton than electron.
think positive
Removing electrons from atoms of ______ (class)requires a large amount of energy.
juss guess
Removing electrons from atoms of ____ requires a small amount of energy.
What is the charge of an ion that has 15 protons and 18 electrons?
do the math u dork
What type of bond usually breaks apart when it is hit with a hammer?
this answer has been used ALOT
Ions are arranged in 3-dimensional pattern called a _______
cryatal lattice
What type of bond is present in a paper clip?