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The work output for a machine is always less than the work input because?
some of the work done is used to overcome friction
something that has to do with friction
The unit for work is the ______?
Not a diamond but a?
Which of the following is NOT a simple machine?
a)faucet handle b)jar lid
c)can opener d)seesaw
c. can opener
something u use in the kitchen
Power is what?
how fast work is being done
not slow but ..... and theres more to the answer
The unit for power is what?
either newton, joule, or watt?
A machine can increase what?
distance at the expense of force and force at the expense of distance.
long ways at the money of force and then say that back words
Juan and Anita each lift an identical stack of books the same distance onto a table, but Anita does the job twice as fast. Therefore , her actions involved twice as much what?
either a. work input, b. work output, c. power or d. efficiency
Which of the following machines always has a mechanical advantage of less than one?
a)wheel and axle
b)third class lever
c)a long thin wedge
or d)a poorly lubricated, movable pully
B. third class lever
not a or d
Levers are divided into classes according to the location of what?
fulcrum, load, and input force or (d)
c)input force
d) all of the above
Which of the following statements about inclined planes is NOT true?
a)Inclined planes allow you to apply a smaller force over a smaller distance
b)Egyptians used inclined planes to build the Great Pyramid
c)An example of an inclined plane is a wedge
d)a screw is a type of inclined plane
A) inclined planes allow you to apply a smaller force over a smaller distance

not b.
Which of the following is NOT an example of work according to the scientific definition of work?
a)playing baseball
b)reading a chapter for homework
c)pushing a wheelbarrow
b. reading a chapter for homework
think about not being active
A man applies a force of 500 N to push a truck 10m down the street. How much work has been done?
5,000 Joules or 5,000 J
multiply it
If you do a 50 J of work in 5 s, your power is what?
10 Watts or 10 W
Which of the following is NOT a machine?
a)pair of scissors
d)bottle opener
B. glass
if u need a hint on this question then thats just sad.
Input force
changes in size or direction when done by a machine
it changes in what or what when done by a what
You apply 200 N to a machine and the machine applies 2,000 N to an object. What is the mechanical advantage?
divide 2,000 by 200
You apply 10 N to a machine and the machine applies 10 N to move another object. Since the input force is = to the ouput force,
a)this machine isnt useful
b)this machine moved the object a great distance
c)the mechanical advantage is 1
d)this machine changed the input force
c. the mechanical advantage is 1
reread the question
Which of the following could be a machine's mechanical efficiency?
a)95 N x M
b)95 W
c)95 J/s
D. 95%
not a or c.
What is the SU unit equivalent to N x M?
(watt or joule)
The work you do on a machine, such as turning a screwdriver, is called what?
work input
(work output or input)
Because of friction, the ________ of a machine is always less than 100 percent.
compound machine
(compound machine or wheel and axle)
A ______ is a bar that pivots on a fulcrum.
(lever or wedge)
An __________ is a simple machine that is a straight, slanted surface.
inclined plane
something plane
A _______ is a double inclined plane that moves.
Lever or wedge or compound machine?
The design of a wing
a)causes the air above the wing to travel faster than the air below the wing
b)helps create lift
c)creates a low pressure zone above the wing
d)all of the above
d) all of the above
think about it
An object displaces a volume of fluid that what?
is equal to its own volume
is _________ to its own _______
Fluid pressure is always directed in what direction?
all directions
d.all directions
If an object weighing 50 N displaces a volume of water with a weight of 10 N, what is the bouyant force on the object?
10 N
subtract (50-40)
A helium filled balloon will float in air because?
helium is less dense than air
what is less dense than air?
Materials that cna flow to fit their containers include?
gases and liquids
c.gases and liquids
The SI unit for pressure is what?
not Ma but .....
What is the pressure exerted on the floor by a 3,000 N crate with an area of 2m squared?
1,500 Pa
split 3,000 in half or divide by 2
Fluids flow _______________.
from regions of high pressure to low pressure
example: when you are sucking on your straw and the liquid comes from the cup to yoru straw in your mouth.
Hydraulic devices use liquids instead of gases becuase why?
gases can be compressed and luquids can not.
something about being compressed
An object weighs 2 N displaces 250 mL of water, which weighs 2.5 N. What is the buoyant force on the object? Will it sink or float?
2n and it will float
not sure if answer of this one is right
Helium floats in air because ?
it is much denser than air
Helium is wut than air.
Larger wings on a plane allow it to achieve greater what?
a. lift
b. thrust.
c. drag
d. speed
Jet engines can creat a great deal of _______, so the wings do not have to be very big.
Pressure depends on what?
the depth of the fluid
the _____ of the fluid
Air travels ______ over the top a wing.
not slower but.....
A bicycle tire remains inflated becuase air particles ?
are constantly moving and pushing against the inside of the tire.
we saw a picture of it in our science book
What increases the depth of a fluid?
pressure or lift?
A plane's engine produces what to push the plane forward?
thrust or drag
Force divided by area is known as what?
density or pressure?
Bernouli's principle states that the pressure exerted by a moving fluid is _____ the pressures of a fluid when it is not moving.
less than
greater than or less than?
The forward force produced by an airplane's engine is called what?
lift or thrust
What works against the forward force of a plan?
drag or lift?
The hydraulic brakes of a car transmit pressure through fluid. This is an example of who's principle?
Pascal's principle
Pascal's or Archimedes'
The fact that a heavy steal cargo ship can carry a large load without sinking illistrates who's principle?
Archimedes' or Bernouli's
A feather and a rock dropped at the same time from the same height would land at the same time when dropped by ?
an astonaut on the moon
think about where gravity isnt
An object is in projectile motion if what?
it is thrown with a horizontal push, it is accelerated downward by gravity, it doesnt accelerate horizontally (d)
a. thrown with horizontal push
b. accelerated downward by gravity
c. doesnt accelerate horizontally
d. all of the above
When a soccer ball is kicked, the action and reaction forces do NOT cancel each other out becuz?
forces act on 2 different objects
forces ____ on 2 _______ objects
Newton's first law of motion applies what?
moving objects and objects that arent moving
something about moving
Acceleration of an object
a) decreases as the mass of the object increases
b) increases as the force on the object increases
c) They both have the same momentum because they have the same velocity
d) all of the above
d. all of the above
A golf ball and a bowling ball are moving at the same velocity, Which has more momemtum?
bowling ball becuz it has more mass
think about mass
If 3 balls of different materials were dropped at the same time from the same height, which would hit the ground first? (Assume there is no air resistance)
They would all hit at the same time
Orbital motion is a combination of forward motian and what?
free fall
a. frictional resistance
b. free fall
c. horizontal acceleration
d. weightlessness
A 5 kg object has less inertia than a ____ object.
6,000 g
(1 kg = 1,000 g)
According to Newton's first law of motion, a moving object that is not acted on by an unbalanced force will what?
remain in motion
remain in this
An astronaut uses a jet of nitrogen to maneuver in space. As the nitrogen is expelled it ________.
a) exerts a reaction force on its container
b) causes the astronaut to accelerate
c) illistrates Newton;s 3rd law
d) all of the above
D. all of the above
All objects accelerate toward the Earth at a rate of 9.8m/s/s. This means that for every second that an object falls, its downward velocity
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays
d) none
a. increases
A ball is droppped from a rooftop. What is the ball's velocity after 3 s?
29.4 m/s
Assume that there is no air resistance
Parachutes slow skydivers to a safer terminal velocity because parachutes what?
increase air resistance.
a. increase air resistance
b. decrease " "
c. increase gravitational pull
d. decrease gravitaional pull
Astronauts float inside the space shuttle because they ?
are in free fall
are in something
Newton's 3rd law of motion states that if a force is exerted on an object, another force occurs that is what?
= in size and opposite in direction
= in (size or speed) and opposite in direction
When a swimmer swims through water,
action is feet and hands pushing, the reaction is water pushing, and reaction is what moves the swimmer forward (d)
a. the action force could be the swimmers hands and feet pushing on the water
b. the reaction force could be the water pushing on the hands and feet
c. the reaction force is what movies the swimmer forward
d. all
Falling objects stop accelerating at What?
Terminal velocity.
Terminal velocity or free fall
_______ is the path that a thrown object follows.
Projectile motion
Projectile motion or free fall
When air resistance exactly matches the downward force of gravity, a falling object stops accelerating and reaches _________.
terminal velocity
free fall or terminal velocity
An object at rest tend to remain at rest. This property is call _______.
momentum or inertia
What can occur only in a vacuum or in space?
Free fall
projectile motion or free fall
A student riding her bicycle on a straight, flat road covers one block every 7 seconds. If each block is 100 m long, she is traveling at what?
constant speed and velocity
constant _______ and __________
Friction is a force that what?
opposes an object's motion.
Rolling friction is what?
usually less than slidign friction.
something about sliding friction.
If Earth's mass doubled, your weight would what?
increase because gravity increases.
(increase/decrease) because gravity (increases/decreases)
A force
a) is expressed in newtons
b) can cause an object to speed up, slow down, or change direction
c) is a push or pull
d) all of the above
d. all of the above
The amount of gravity between 1 kg of lead and Earth is _____ the amount og gravity between 1 kg of marshmallows and Earth.
same as
greater than, less than, or same as
To calculate an objects acceleration, you need to know what?
starting velocity, final velocity, and time it takes to change velocity.
starting ____. final ______ and the time it takse to change ______
The distance traveled divided by the time it took to travel that distance determines an object's what?
speed, acceleration, weight, or force.
The SI unit for speed is what?
km/h. f/s. m/s. or m/h.
In 1.5 you walk 7.5 km. when you divide 7.5 km by 1.5 h, you are calculating your what?
average speed
a) instantaneous speed
b) average speed
c) velocity
d) acceleration
Acceleration is a change in what?
speed, direction, and velocity
3 things
An example of acceleration is what?
a car turning a corner
a. hovering helicopter
b. car turning a corner
c. jogging at the same pace
d. bicycling at 40 m/s
A friend is helping you rearrange your bedroom furniture. You exert 25 N of force to push the foot end of the bed while your friend exerts 20 N of force pulling the head end of the bed. The net force being used to move the bed is what?
45 N forward
add 25 + 20 N
What opposes motion between surfaces that are touching?
Friction or Gravity
A _________ is determined by combining forces.
Net force
net force or newton
______ is the rate at which ______ changes.
Acceleration / velocity
Velocity / Acceleration. or Accceleration / Velocity
Any change in position over time is an example of what?
motion or acceleration
The newton is SI unit of what?
force or mass
A change in a moving object's direction always results in a change in its what?
velocity or speed?
The ______ of an object can change with its location.
weight or mass?
A kangaroo hops 60 m to the east in 5 s.
a. what is his speed?
a. 12 m/s
no hint
Boiling points and freezing points are examples of what?
physical properties
something properties
During which change of state do atoms or molecules become more ordered?
starts with a c.
Dew collects on a spider web in the early morning.This is an example of?
starts with a c again.
which of the following changes of state is exothermic?
a. evaporation
not b or d.
What happend to the volume of a gas inside a piston if the temperature does not change but the pressure is reduced?
It increases.
increased or decreased?
Which of the following contains plasma?
a)dry ice
d)hot iron
c. fire
think of a volcano and plasma
Boyle's law explains the relationship between the volume and pressure for a fixed amount of a what?
The 4 most familiar states of matter are?
a) solid,liquid,gas,sublimation
b) melting,freezing,vaporization, condsation
c) solid,liquid, gas, and plasma
d) crystalline, amorphous, endothermic, and exothermic
c. solid, liquid, gas, and plasma
Which of the following is the LEAST viscous?
think about the situations u can get into which each of the things
In a gaseous state, particles what?
move independently, move fast to break away from eachother, and have empty space between them
no hint
The amount force exerted on a given area is called ?
when you push something you apply this.
The drops of water that appear on the outside of a glass of cold juice on a warm day are an example of what?
condensation or evaporation
The was a balloon decreases in volume when the temp. is decreased illustrates who's law?
Boyle's or Charle's
Sublimation is a change of state from a solid directly to a what?
Gas or liquid.
What is a liquid's resistance to flow.
The mass of an elephant on the moon would be what?
None of the above.
You accidently break your pencil in half. This is an example of what?
Physical change.
Something change.
Inertia increases as what increases?
not weight but ....
An amount og vinegar would be expressed in ______ for scientific experiments.
liters or milliliters.
This is NOT a physical property of matter.
reactivity of water
A _____ object has more inertia than 20 kg object.
30,000 kg
During physical changes, matter always retains its what?
After we got our school pics. we also got school ______ cards.
One way to compare the densities of oil and water is to pour the liquids into a glass container and observe how they ?
seperate into layers
The amount of space taken up by an object is known as the object's what?
a button on your remote
To measure the volume of water correctly, read the scale on a graduated cylinder at the ____ part of the meniscus.
not highest but .....
Over time you can expect the amount of mass to change in a what?
child, bowling ball, table, nail
Gravity affects an objects what?
The SI unit of force is the?
newton (N)
The density of a particular substance is always the same time at a given what?
pressure and temp.
Color, Odor, mass, and volume are ____ of an object.
physical properties.
A property.
Flammability, solubility, and reactivity are _____ of a substance.
Chemical properties
a property
Being able to burn wood is an example of wood's what?
chemical properties.
something properties.
Physical science is the study of what and what?
matter and energy
10 m is = to ?
1,000 cm and 10,000 mm
For a hypothesis to be valid it must be what?
testable and supported by evidence
The statement Sheila has a stain on her shirt is an example of a(n) what?
A map of Seattle is a what?
A screwdriver is an example of what?
another example of this is a computer
A _____ is a summary of many experimental results and observations.
scientific law
a kind of law
A ____ object contains more matter than a 15 kg object.
20,000 g.
add 5 to 15 then times it by 1,000
Who uses physical science to explain the composition of planets, the light emitted by stars, and the motion of a different galaxy in the universe.
think of the study of stars
Graduated cylinders are used to measeure what?
the volume on lquids.
the ______ on liquids.