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What is the purpose of the physical assessment

Establish baseline data

what is a comprehensive diagnosis

Interview Plus head to toe examination

what is an ongoing diagnosis

Performed as needed to assess status... Evaluates clients outcomes

What are physical assessment skills

Inspect, palpation, percussion, auscultation


Defy direct osculation

Listen without an instrument

Define indirect auscultation

Listening with an instrument

What type of bowel sounds should you here

Hyperactive, hypoactive, absent


define integumentary

Skin characteristics

Define tympanic membrane

ear drum

What does the Rinne and Weber test test for


What does the Romberg test test for


What is the axillary

The armpit

What is the point of maximum impulse

Where cardiac impulse can be Beth palpated

What order do you assess the abdomen in

Inspect, ausculate , percussion, palpate

What is the Glasgow Coma Scale

Aims to give reliable objective way of recording conscious state of a person for initial assessment

Neurological scale

What is the minimum urine output a kidney should have