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the most logical explanatio of why things work the way the way they do. a theory is a former hypothesis that has been tested with repeated experiments and obsevations and found always to work
in an experiment, a factor that doesn't change
physical science
the study of of matter and energy; topics for study include chemistry and physics
a symbolic representation of an idea,system, or structure to make something understandable. models help ue solve problems and deal with things difficult to see because they are to large or too small
scientific law
a law that describes, but doesn't explain, a pattern in nature and predicts what will hapen under specific condiions
an organized procedure for testing a hypothesis, an experiment typically has a control and dependent and independent variable
using your senses to gather information, in science instruments such as micrscopes and balancesto carefully gather accurate and detailed observations
independent variable
in an experiment, the factor adjusted to a different value by the experiment to see what effect it will have on the dependent variable
the pratical use of scientific information to improve the quality ofhuman life
a testable prediction to see how something works to solve a problem
dependent variable
in a experiment, the factor whose value changes because change in the independent variable
in an experiment,a standard for comparison that is often needed to draw a meaningful conclusion