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Traits of platyhelminthes

Flatworms, parasites

Traits of rotifera

~1 mm, crown of cilia for feeding

Traits of mollusca

Clams, oysters, mussels, etc.

All have head/foot, visceral mass, mantle

Traits of annelida

Earthworms, leeches

Name all phyla of lophotrochozoans

Platyhelminthes, rotifera, mollusca, annelida,

Name all phyla of ecdysozoans

Nematoda, arthripoda

Traits of nematoda

Round worms


Have joints, an exoskeleton, and are segmented

Name clades of protostomes

Lophotrochozoans, ecdysozoans

Traits of echinodermata

Spiny skin

Starfish, sand dollars, urchins, sea cucumbers

Traits of hemichordata

Gill slits, dorsal nerve chord, stomochord

Traits of chordata

Notochord, pharyngeal gill slits, dorsal hollow nerve chord, segmented muscle/post-anal tail (humans!!)

Name phyla of deuterostomes

Echinodermata, hemichordata, chordata