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What are the sense organs of a myriapod?
antennae- touch, feel, taste
simple eyes- 1 lense to sense light and dark
What are a couple of examples of myriapods?
millipede and centipede
Describe a millipede. (legs, body shape, movement, eat what?)
4 legs on each segment
body shape is roundish
move slowly
eat dead plants
What are the parts of the respiratory system?
spiracles, tracheal tube, air sac (diffusion)
Where do myriapods live?
a moist, land environment
How many body sections do myriapods have?
many sections
Describe a centipede. (legs, body shape, movement, killing prey)
have 2 legs on each segment
body shape is flattened
move fast
hunt and kill prey
have fangs to kill prey