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Arachnid, a spider, form a _______ from a liquid sill. The __________ form them.
web, spinnerets
How do arachnids eat food?
use fangs to inject poison, use enzymes to digest prey into a liquid and then suck in the prey
What kind of environment do arachnids like?
Arachnids have ______ legs and _____ antennae.
8 legs

no antennae***
How do arachnids preform respiration?
book lungs which include structures like the spiracles, trachea tube, and air sac
What are a few examples of arachnids?
spiders, scorpion, tick, mite, daddy long leg
An arachnid, a spider, has up to 8-12 ________ _________ crowded on the face.
simple eyes
Arachnids have ______ body sections called ________ and __________.
2 body sections

cephalothorax and abdomen