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estar por
BE OVER - When the football match was over, we went to the pub.
BE UP - "Phil isn't up yet: he's still in bed. Phone again in ten minutes."
estar levantado
BLOW UP - We blew up at least a hundred balloons for the Christmas party.
BREAK DOWN - My car broke down on the way to Motril.
CALL BACK - "I'm afraid the manager isn't here at the moment. Could you call back later?"
volver a llamar
CARRY OUT - The President carried out his promise to reduce taxation.
cumplir (una promesa)
CLEAR UP - It took four hours to clear up after the party.
poner en orden
COME ACROSS/bumped into - I came across an old friend on the metro in Madrid.
encontrar, dar con
CUT DOWN ON - You must cut down on cholesterol or you'll have a heart attack.
consumir menos
CUT OFF - When we didn't pay the bill, the electricity was cut off.
cortar, desconnectar
CUT UP - We cut up the birthday cake and gave everyone a slice.
cortar en pedazos
DO UP (laces) - I was five before I knew how to do up my shoelaces.
abrochar, atar
DO WITH - "What's MS DOS?" "It's got something to do with computers."
tener algo que ver con, tener relación con
DO WITHOUT - The shops are shut so we'll have to do without sugar.
pasarse sin, prescindir de