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Red Algae belong to the phylum?
Although a few are unicellular, most members of Rhodophyta have these two kinds of thallus.
Filamentous or membranous
Red algae are some of the only eukaryotic algae that contain these two accessory pigments.
phycoerythrin or phycocyanine
This is a membranous example and is used as food in many Asian cultures.
What is Porphyra?
This type of red algae is a filamentous form that can be found on many marine substrates.
What is Polysiphonia
Polysiphonia has what distinct reproductive structures?
spermatangial branches, crystocarps and tetrasporangia.
Many red algae have this type of life history.
what is triphasic?
The brown algae belong to what class?
Although some brown algae are filamentous some have a thallus with what three distinct parts?
The blade, stipe, and holdfast.
The color of the thallus of Phaeophycetes comes from the concentrations of what accessory pigment?