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Ann ran _______Jim.
to in

Jim _______is tan.
hat sat
Tim hid the jam in a can. The can is big. It has a lid on it.
The lid is__________.
bad tin
Pam has a wig. It is tan. The wig is on Pam.

The_________is tan.
Pam wig
The van is____________.
lid big
It is a tan___________.
sit wig
The can has _______in it.
gas jam

A _______sits on Bill's hat.
tan cat
Bill has a big hat. It is tan. A cat sits on the hat.

The big hat is_________.
tan cat
Jill ran_________tag Rick.
to hat
Pat had a nap on the big mat. A rat ran to Pat. Pat ran too.
The rat ran ______Pat.
to on
It is a ____________can.

tin van
The cat is ___________.

big pan
The rat ________ in the bag.

hid to
The cat__________in the pit.

digs lid
Pam has a van. It is big.
Pam can nap in the van.

Pam's van is_________.
pan big
The pan has a____________.

lap lid
Dad is in the__________van.
big wig
Jim ran to the___________.
on pit
The van is _________.

big pan
The ham is big.
It is in the tin can.
The can is big, too.

The ham is________.
big tin
The tin pan has a lid on it. The lid is too big. The lid
The pan is __________.
big tin
Rick has a big cat. The cat is tan. The big tan cat sits on Rick's lap.
The cat is_________.
sit tan
It is a tin_________.

can jam
Jill can _________on the van.

lid sit