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What things according to plato have forms?
1.The just
2.the good
3.the beautiful
6. the equal
What must the soul be like to escape the world?
It must be purified, dragging nothing bodily with it. The philosophical life is this purification.
What is the greatest evil and why?
the soul feeling pleasure or pain and riveting itself to the body, because this is a result of the mistaken belief that the objects associated with pleasure are true
What do the pythagoreans believe about the soul?
The soul is a harmony or attunement of opposites. The soul is like a harp or lyre and its strings. The soul is the harmony produced by playing chords.
What is misology?
Misology is a hatred of argument and it arises from placing ones trust in an argument and subsequently discovering the argument is unreliable. After repeated experiences of this sort, gradually one learns to hate arguments of every sort.
What is the basic assumption on which Socrates account of causation rests?
Socrates assumes that there are such things as Forms which serve as causes.
According to Plato, what happens to those who have purified themselves by philosophy?
They will escape the body and its distractions, receiving a dwelling place more beautiful than that received by those who are simply pious.
Instrumental Cause
Michealangelo and his tools
Final Cause
Beautifying the Vatican
The Formal Cause
A feminine Shape
What does the unmoved mover spend eternity doing?
thinking about itself
What are some of the properties of the unmoved mover?
eternal, unmovable, separate, indivisible
What does the unmoved mover spend eternity thinking about?
Thinking about Thinking
What is the material cause of the statue?
Outline Aristotles argument that time did not come into being and cannot end
Time is the same as movement or is an attribute of movement. It is impossible that movement should either have come into being or cease to be. Therefore, it is impossible that time should either have come into being or cease to be.
Two Properties for Aristotles Ultimate Principle
actual and immaterial
According to Descartes, what 2 things should be resolved by philosophy and not theology?
the immortality of the soul and Gods existence
Descartes wants to reject everything not entirely certain and indubitable. What are the two ways he does this?
to methodically doubt everything which is doubtable and accept only those ideas which seem clear and distinct
How, according to Descartes, do his arguments on First Philosophy compare with geometrical demonstrations?
They are more certain and self-evident than those of geometry.
What is the essential feature of body?
spatial extension or occupying space
In what ways does Descartes now recognize that the soul is different from the body?
The soul is a pure, unextended, thinking substance and the body is extended substance
What is the one attribute that Descartes finds to be inseparable from his nature? What are some of the specific activities that are included under this attribute?
thinking / doubting, conceiving, willing, affirming, rejecting, perceiving, etc.
What are the kinds of thoughts that Descartes recognizes? Which of these can be false?
Ideas, volitions, emotions, and judgments. Judgments may be false.
What are the three ways in which ideas enter the mind?
innate, external source, made by oneself
Which ideas resemble objects?
deas from without, because nature teaches one that these ideas resemble objects faithfully and one has direct experience that these ideas are not dependent on one's will.
Nature vs. Light of Nature
Nature cannot give certain truth, but the light of nature is what lets one know an idea is true or false. The light of nature is an exalted kind of common sense.
]How am I able to make mistakes?
Because the power of God given to men to discern between right and wrong is not infinite
How, according to Descartes, does the operation of imagination suggest that
physical objects exist?
Imagining is concerned with objects which the imagination has either thought of by itself or perceived through the senses, but this can only happen if there are physical objects
What metaphors does Descartes use to explain the operation of the body?
Machine and Clock
How, finally, does Descartes think that we can escape errors in sensory
by combining the faculties of sense, memory, and understanding together to examine the same object