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The phase of the moon when it is more than a half moon and not yet an entire circle of light, and the light we see is on the right side.
Waxing Gibbous
The phase of the moon that shows a slowly disappearing banana of light on the left side.
Waning Crescent
This phase of the moon is "lumpy" and the light is on the left side. It looks a bit like a ball that is losing its air.
Waning Gibbous
The phase of the moon sometimes called a half moon; we see the light on the left side.
Third Quarter
Normally, there will be one Full Moon each month. When there is a second Full Moon within a calendar month, what is it called?
A Blue Moon
It takes about 27 and a half days for the moon to go from New Moon to New Moon. What is this called?
Lunar Month
The moon is a ball of rock. Where does the light come from?
The Sun
When Moon passes through the Earth's shadow, the moon seems to disappear for a short time. What is this called?
A Lunar Eclipse
When someone says something happens "Once in a Blue Moon," what does that mean?
It is a rare thing and doesn't happen very often.
The phase of the moon when the moon cannot be seen in the night sky...but, it's still there.
New Moon
Another name for a first or third quarter moon is...
Half Moon
This odd word means "lumpy," and is supposed to tell us what the moon looks likes between the quarter and full moon phases.
The phase of the moon when we see a half-circle of light on the right side.
First Quarter
The phase of the moon when we see a banana of light along its right side.
Waxing Crescent
This is the phase of the moon when we see a complete circle of light.
Full Moon