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Labs to monitor with Metformin (Glucophage)?

Serum creatinine

Anti-acne pregnancy category X?


Antilipidemicdrugs that work by inhibiting enzyme needed to produce cholesterol in the liverand are most potent group of cholesterol reducers?

HMG-CoAreductase Inhibitors or “statins”

Vitamindeficiency in pernicious anemia

Vitamin B-12

Hematopoieticdrug used for treatment of anemia associated with end stage kidney disease,HIV, and cancer?


Possibleadverse effect of ACE inhibitors that should be monitored via laboratorytesting?


Approvedages for the live attenuated flu vaccination?

2-49 years of age

Chemicalelement found in many foods that patients taking antithyroid medications shouldavoid?


Anti-infectivethat end in ‘azole


Typeof IV fluid needed to be administered to pt. waiting on a replacement TPN bag?

10% D5W

Groupof acid-controlling drugs that are OTC and end in ‘dine ?

H2receptor agonists

Adverseeffects of oral contraceptives


A – Abdominal

C – Chest pain

H – H/A

E– Eye problems

S– swelling/leg pains

Ophthalmicdrugs used to treat glaucoma that have the adverse effect of changing eye colorfrom hazel, green, or blue to brown?


.Drugs given pre-op/pre-anesthesia to reduce GI secretions?


Condition(besides HTN) for which alpha blockers are commonly prescribed due to locationof certain alpha receptors?

Benignprostatic hypertrophy – BPH

Groupof drugs commonly used to treat ADD and ADHD


Termfor secondary infection that occurs due to destruction of normal flora duringantibiotic therapy?


Termfor group of drugs that are similar to or mimic the effects of the SNSneurotransmitters norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine?

Adrenergicsor sympathomimetic

Eventafter which beta blockers are commonly prescribed to decrease the catecholamineresponse in the body?

Myocardial infarction

Newergeneration of antidepressants now used as first line drug therapy fordepression?

Selectiveserotonin reuptake inhibitors - SSRI’s

Groupof medications most often used to treat ETOH withdrawal?


Drugof choice for patient needing an opioid antagonists to reverse respiratorydepression from opiate use?


Groupof drugs that bind to the H+ - K+ - ATPase pump mechanism and block H+ ionsecretion from parietal cells?

Protonpump inhibitors – PPI’s

ABOand Rh blood group considered to be the universal donor

O negative

Typeof dermatologic formulation that contains no water, is occlusive, greasy anddesirable for dry lesions because of its occlusions?


Preferredgroup of antacids for pt.’s with chronic renal disease?

Aluminum based antacids

PerADA, the fasting BG goal for pt. with type 2 diabetes?

70– 130 mg/dL

Onsetof action of rapid acting insulins

5 - 15 minutes

Receptorsin bronchial tree blocked by ipratropium when used in treatment of COPD toprevent bronchoconstriction?


NSAIDSact by inhibiting the synthesis of these lipids found in all tissues that havepotent physiologic effects and by blocking inflammation of this enzyme (the keyenzyme in biosynthesis of these lipids)

Cyclooxygenase(COX 1 and 2) and prostaglandins

Imbalance of 2neurotransmitters in pt.’s w/ Parkinson’s disease and pharmacological treatmentis based on this imbalance

Dopamineand acetylcholine

Acronymtypically used to indicate cholinergic stimulation


S – Salivation

L – Lacrimation

U – Urination

D – Diarrhea

G – GI motility

E – Emesis

Numberof ½ lives it takes to have a drug removed from the body

5 -- 1/2-lives

Term for rationof drug’s toxic level to the level that provides its therapeutic effect?

Therapeutic Index

Numberof puffs in inhaler


Termfor initial metabolism in the liver of a drug absorbed from the GI tract beforedrug reaches systemic circulation

First pass effect

Termfor the study of what happens to a drug once it enters the body


Groupof inhaled medications commonly used during acute phase of asthma attack toquickly reduce airway constriction?

Beta agonists

Groupof medications administered for long term prophylaxis of asthma and key topreventing the inflammatory response of asthma

Inhaled corticosteroids

Groupof antibiotics that require drug monitoring due to known risks for ototoxicityand nephrotoxicity?


Enzyme secretedby some bacteria that allows bacteria to become resistant to penicillin

Betalactamase or penicillinase

Newclass of medications which includes zafirlukast, montelukast, and zileuton andis used primarily for the oral prophylaxis and long term treatment of asthma?

Leukotrienereceptor antagonists (LTRA’s)

Patientsthat are allergic to penicillin have an approximate 10% change of a crosssensitivity allergy to this group of antibiotics