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What are the natural methods of Contraception?
1) Abstinence 2) Withdrawal Method 3) Fertility Awarenesss Methods 4) Lactational Amenorrhea Method
What is the definition of Abstinence?
Can range from refraining from ALL sexual behaviour to refraining only from from penetrative practices
What are the risks of Abstinence?
Requires cooperation from both partners and self-control/consistency
What are the benefits of Abstinence?
Failure rate is 0% (if done correctly)
What is another name for the withdrawal method?
Coitus Interruptus / "Pull and Pray"
What is the definition of Withdrawal method?
Requires that during intercourse the man's penis must be withdrawn from the woman's vagina prior to ejaculation
What are the risks of Withdrawal method?
1) Requires high degree of self control

2) Offers no protection from STIs or pregnancy as pre-ejaculate may contain STI organism and/or sperm

What are the benefits of Withdrawal method?
Failure rate: 4-19%
What is the definition of Fertility Awareness Methods?
Natural contraceptive methods that also allow for the use of barrier methods, emergency contraception and abortion
What is the definition of Natural Family Planning Methods?
Natural contraceptive methods that are taught & practiced within a religious framework usually Roman Catholic and do not allow for the use of barrier methods or abortion
What are the four subsets of Fertility Awareness Methods?
1) Basal Body Temp Method

2) Sympto Thermal Method

3) Calendar/Rhythm Method

4) Natural Family Planning Methods

What are the three primary fertility signs that Fertility Awareness Methods rely on?
1) Changes in Cervical Mucus

2) Basal Body Temperature

3) Cervical Position

What is the definition of Basal Body Temperature ?
The lowest daily body temperature that occurs prior to rising in the morning or prior to any activity
What is the definition of Basal Body Temperature Method?
Temp measured with a basal thermometer that has a range of only a few degrees;

based on the observation and charting of changes in BBT it is possible to determine fertile periods in the menstrual cycle.

In response to progesterone secreted by the corpus luteum the BBT usually rises sharply immediately FOLLOWING ovulation and remains elevated for several days

What are the benefits of Basal Body Temp Method?
Average failure rate: 2-20%.

Temp can be taken orally or vaginally.

What are the risks of Basal Body Temp Method?
Temperature must be taken at the same time every day
What is the definition of Sympto Thermal Method?
By recording other cyclic symptoms (cervical mucus, mid-cycle cramping, breast sensitivity and mood swings) in addition to BBT, the infertile time before ovulation can be more accurately predicted
What are the benefits of Sympto Thermal Method?
Failure rate: 2-17%.

More accurate than BBT method.

What are the risks of Sympto Thermal Method?
Requires very careful monitoring
What is the definition of Calendar/Rhythm Method?
Relies only on calculations using a calendar. Based on three assumptions:

i) Ovulation occurs 14 days before beginning menstruation ±2 days

ii) Sperm remains viable for up to 5 days

iii) The ovum survives for 24 hours

How is the fertile period determined with the Calendar Method/Rhythm Method?
By subtracting 20 days from the length of the shortest cycle (to establish when the fertile period begins) and subtracting 10 days from length of longest cycle (to establish when fertile period ends).

Intercourse should be avoided during the 8-10 day period during each cycle

What are the benefits of Calendar/Rhythm Method?
Failure Rate: 5-20%.

It is the oldest and most widely practiced method of fertility awareness methods

What are the risks of Calendar/Rhythm Method?
The women must chart her menstrual calendar over several months.
What are the sub-subsets of Natural Family Planning Methods?
1) Billings Ovulation Method

2) Serena/Couple to Couple Methods

3) Creighton Model

What is the Billings Ovulation Method?
Uses only the mucus fertility sign and is based on the observation that in the absence of mucus no egg is present and sperm cannot survive long enough for fertilization to occur after ovulation.
How do you determine the fertile period with the Billings Ovulation Method?
After menstruation there are a few dry days.

After the dry days the fertile period is present and the mucus is like a raw egg white.

After ovulation comes days of less mucus production and the remainder left will be cloudy and it is Infertile period.

Based on the Billings Ovulation Method, what should a women do if the mucus is slippery and stretchy?
Intercourse should be avoided until two days after it is all gone
What are the benefits of Billings Ovulation Method?
Failure Rate: 3-20%
What are the risks of Billings Ovulation Method?
Still based on assumptions of mucus production of a menstrual cycle
What is the Lactational Amenorrhea Method?
A highly effective, temporary method of contraception that can be used as long as a woman nurses her baby frequently and has no menstrual periods.

Based on the hormonal suppression of ovulation.

What are the benefits of Lactational Amenorrhea Method?
Failure rate: 0.5-6%.

Highly effective and no side effects

What are the risks of Lactational Amenorrhea Method?
1) A woman's menses must not have returned

2) She must nurse 10 or more times throughout the day and introduce no other foods into her baby's diet

3) Baby must be under 6 months of age

"Couples who use natural family planning methods for contraception should be counselled about Emergency Contraception" True or False?