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Entry, exit & visa requirements:


return ticket

card w/ entry stamp

Lost passport:

Get new one

Transfer entry record into it

(at Immigration HQ in Lima)


Use registered

Use phone-dispatched

Use taxi stands

Blue decal on windshield (Cusco)

Don't hail

Put luggage in trunk

Taxi Green, CMV, Mitsu (at airport)

Offers of transportation or guides:

Don't accept them

Safety at the airport:

Watch luggage/passport

Don't use approaching taxi drivers/tour operators

Use taxi reservation desk

Passport copies:

Carry a copy of page 1 + entry stamp

Share plans...

with family or friends

Hypoxia symptoms:

increased respiration

increased heart rate


difficulty sleeping

lack of appetite

minor gastric/intestinal upsets

mood changes

Avoid hypoxia:

Limit phyical activity during first 36-48 hours

Drink mate de coca

Bacterial/diarrhea causes:

tap water

unwashed veggies/fruits

insufficiently cooked meat, fish, eggs

fermented foods like cheese

Fill out two forms on the plane:

TAM (Tarjeta Andina de Migracion)

Baggage delcaration

Before going, make a list of...

phone numbers

- credit card

- bank

Before going, call credit card company/bank to...

preauthorize activity in Peru.

Look a maps and be familiar with...

routes (airport to hotel, etc.)

Nice, well-lit, safe areas in Lima:


San Isidro


Aya Retreats & Spiritual Healing Center:

Cusco area (Urubamba)

Small groups 8 or less

Traditional - no guitar, mantras, etc.

Aya - Surrender...

to whatever's happening

Working through the fear...

clears it.

In ceremony ask...

Aya for what you want.

Traditional brew's 2 ingredients:



Toé or Brugmansia is "the plant...

of the tomb" revealing secrets of the dead.

Takes one to dark realms. Can produce extreme, hellish visions, violence, temporary insanity.

Hoja/mate de coca...

satisfies hunger

delays fatigue

gives inspiration to the weary at heart

Leaves and tea sold in every store

If you approach a ceremony with resistance...

you will likely suffer a miserable time.

A ceremony progresses through (3) phases...

getting off (as it comes on)

peaking (maximum intensity)

coming down

Diet a few days prior:

jungle diet - no salt, sugar, oils, meat (except chicken and fish). No alcohol.

Aya makes you keenly sensitive to...

the environment you're in.

Know your...


Icaros are...

life preservers.

Venteados are...

blowing mapacho smoke on you and shaking the chakapa, to cleanse the energy around you.

It's OK to ask for...


assistance to the toilet

Bring to ceremony:

comfy clothing (might feel cold too)



water bottle

Go to the bathroom...

as soon as the need arises.

The Toilet Vortex:

Getting lost in the bathroom.

Get it together man. You know to use a bathroom!

Don't linger. Do your business. Get back to the mat.

When we cry...

we're squeezing stress hormones out of our eyes.

Aya will take you...

right to the limits of what you can endure, but not beyond.

One of the hardest yet most valuable things to do is to...

surrender to the medicine.

Aya resets...

the lymbic system (supporting among other things our sexuality).

The only worthy thing is...


Stay focussed on...

the experience. Let go of everything else.

Beware of visions/realizations that you must...

abandon your comfortable life, job, home and/or family back home, that impel you make broad, sweeping, or dramatic life changes very quickly.

Aya is just...

a key, to open doors.

Go for the ride, then...

apply the knowledge and do the work.

Aya shows us...

the psychological baggage we've been carrying.

Aya is classified by the US Govt...

as schedule 1 controlled substances, having no accepted medical use and having a high potential for abuse.

Sentimentalizing the Other...

is a game played by the privileged.

You get the trip you need, rather than...

the trip you want.

A bottle of Aya lasts...

eight days before it ferments.

No one in the office is going to take seriously...

the drug tourist who returns to work speaking about witchcraft as legitimate.

...tasted like...

thick dishwater.

Cusco taxis cost...

3-6 Soles

Buses to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes:

Every 20 min

$14 (purchased at ticket office)

Train to Dedham:

Franklin Line

18:15 - 18:39

Walk out of parking lot, take left then right on Allied Drive

Train to South Station:

Franklin Line

06:21 - 06:50

Find SL1 Airport bus (7:00)

Boston to Panama City flight:

Copa 312

09:41 - 14:18

3.5 hour layover

Panama City to Lima flight:

Avianca 489

17:50 - 22:29

7 hour layover

Go thru Immigration, claim luggage

Check back in at 03:50

Lima to Cusco flight:

Avianca 839

05:50 - 07:15

Find AR taxi to Urubamba

Ollantaytambo hotel June 14:

El Alburgue

Train to Machu Picchu station:

Expedition 71

05:07 - 06:34

Get bus tickets or hike

Train from Machu Picchu to Cusco:

Expedition 34

16:34 - 20:23

Find taxi to Hotel Casa de Campo

Cusco hotel:

Hotel Casa de Campo

Flight from Arequipa to Lima:

Avianca 839

18:05 - 19:35

Find Hostal Porta taxi

Hotel, Miraflores, Lima:

Hostal Porta

Multidimentional watermark


Security strip

Peru, Value, BRCP

*Bob slowly up and down

changes its color from pink to green when slightly turned

Hold up to light

Pink and blue make full value


200 appears in nun's veil

Water mark 3D

Shadow is microlettering (pre-2011)

Plastic security strip (pre-2011)

clear print, no irregularities

Tilt it

See value and BCRP

partially covering face

Hold up to the light

Circles (front and back) line up

Microlettering under "Banco Central"


Tilt up and down

See value (pre-2011)

Tilt up and down

Vertical value changes color

fuchsia to gold-green

Microlettering in value (pre-2011)

S/. 10 = $3.33

S/. 20 = $6.66

S/. 50 = $16.66

S/. 100 = $33.33

S/. 200 = $66.66

Avoid using or accepting

5 = 2¢

10 = 3¢

20 = 6¢

50 = 17¢

S/. 2 = 66¢

S/. 5 = $1.66

S/. 1 = 33¢

+ "Riqueza y orgullo del Perú" series

Tell a real bill from a fake bill (3):




Average Limeño salary:
Split up money and...

carry it in different pockets.

Only use ATMs...

inside a bank (if possible).

$100 Bills:

Don't take them

Not accepted

Magic coins (monedas) are...

50 Centimo

1 Sole

Damaged bank notes (torn or repaired):

Don't accept them

Important tool for changing money:


Casa de Cambio:

Money changing office


Credit card en español:


ATM withdrawals:

It may only possible to withdraw US$ 100 or US$ 200 or the equivalent in Soles.

VISA local office:

Av. Pardo 83110th floor


Phone (+511) 213-2300 (Spanish)

Mastercard local office:

Procesos MC PeruCalle Porta 1116th floor, Miraflores

Phone (+511) 213-0800 (Spanish)

A tourist visa (for US citizens) is actually...

only an entry stamp.

Bricheras might plant...

drugs on you, get you arrested, and cost you a big fine.

Bricheras might spike...

your drink and steal everything.

Brichera bar in Cusco:

Mama Africa

Panama City Hotel:

Country Inn & Suites

Bulevar El Dorado, Calle 23

Tocumen Airport taxi:


Take the escalator from the Arrivals Hall to Departures Area, exit the airport, a much more inexpensive rate than the official taxis in the Arrivals Hall.

Time clearing customs and immigration at Tocumen:

45 min. average


drink spikers


gold diggers

Dumb*** test:

Will I buy her and her friends drinks?

Tequila Rock club:

Calle de las Pizzas

all hookers


Sabor de Peru:

Calle de las Pizzas

Hookers on the left

Clubs start up...

after 11/12 pm

Restaurant street:


Av. Larco

Watch your drink...

being poured/opened.

Pisco sour:

Peruvian national drink

Pisco (brandy)

Lemon juice


Egg white

Chichita Panamá:

Panamanian national drink

Seco Herrerano

Grapefruit juice

Pineapple juice

The most painful psychological experience...

can have the greatest positive dividend.

Top-rated Cusco bar with food:

Chilcano Pisco Bar

Calle Plateros

Near Plaza de Armas

Planetarium Cusco:

A few blocks southeast of the Plaza

Top-rated Cusco bar:

Memoria Bar

Calle Plateros

Near Plaza de Armas

Top-rated museum:


Museo Larco

Av. Bolívar 1515



25 min by taxi from Miraflores

Ruins in Lima:

Pucllana Temple (Huaca Pucllana)

6 blocks NW of Parque Central




On the Malecón

North of Parque del Amor


10-6pm winds permitting

Shopping mall & restaurants:



beneath Malecón de la Reserva

Entrance across from from the JW Marriott

The star of Peru's culinary repertoire:


raw fish, hot chili peppers and onions

marinated in lime juice

Avenida LaMar

Bohemian district of Lima:


How to chew hoja de coca:

10+ leaves

roll it up

Put in side of mouth, don't switch

Don't actuall chew

Swallow the juice

30 min, spit it out

What does... mean?

en español

¿Que significa... ?


en español


We are here for two days.

en español

Estamos aqui por dos dias.


en español


I love it here.

en español

Me encanta estar aqui.

Would you like a drink?

en español

¿Puedo ofrecerte una copa?

PIss off!

en español

¡Andate a la mierda!

You have beautiful eyes.

en español

Tienes unos ojos preciosos.

I want to make love to you.

en español

Quiero hacerte el amor.