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Basis for idea of Manifest Destiny
Built on a belief in white racial superiority and a sense of American cultural superiority, supported U.S. expansion westward.
Effects of territories gained after Mexican-American War
accompanied by a heated controversy over allowing or forbidding slavery in newly acquired territories.
Desires for access to western resources
led to the environmental transformation of the region, new economic activities, and increased settlement in areas forcibly taken from American Indians
Interest in trade with Asia
expanding trade led to economic, diplomatic, and cultural initiatives westward to Asia
Characteristics of antebellum immigrants
Immigrants lived in ethnic communities and kept their religion, language,and customs came before the Civil War, givingrise to a major, often violent nativist movement
New opportunities in the West created by government legislation
sought new economicopportunities or religious refuge in the West
Effects of interaction with Hispanics and Indians on culture
government interaction andconflict increased, altering these groups’ cultures and ways of life and raising questions abouttheir status and legal rights.
Reasons for differing views on slavery between North and South
North's economy relied on free-labor manufacturing economy while South relied on slave-based agriculture and slow population growth.
Abolitionist strategies
Located mainly in the North, they had a very visible campaign about slavery, their tactics ranged from arguments to the assistance in slave escapes
Foundation of Southern defense of slavery
State's rights, nullification and racist stereotyping providing a foundation they defended it as positive good