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recieving force from an object and imparting force from that object in a downward (hand dribble) or ground-level (foot dribble) direction without the use of an implement
imparting force to an object with the use of foot and leg
imparting force to an object through the use of hands
ex. overhand, underhand, side-arm
2 types of striking
1. horizontal striking pattern (baseball)
2. vertical striking pattern (tennis, golf)
manipulative skills
gross body movements in which forrce is imparted to or recieved from objects
recieving force from an object and immediately imparting force to the object in a vertical direction
involves contact with a stationary or moving object with or without an implement
the developmental sequence for hand dribbling (5 steps)
1. bouncing and catching
2. bouncing and ineffective slapping at the ball
3. basic dribbling with the ball in control of the child.
4. basic dribbling with the child in control of the ball
5. controlled dribbling with advanced abilities
essential objectives for manipulative devpt
ball rolling
imparting force to an object in a way that it travels in a forward direction on the ground
8 components of manipulative movements
-ball rolling
recieving force from an object and retaining it in the hands
requires the use of various body parts to stop the forward momentum of an oncoming object