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skill sequencing
(building skill upon skill)
this requires analysis of the complexity of the skills and the activities in which they are to be incorporated
harmonious working together of both motor and sensory systems
Ex- eye-hand coordination
individual's ability to distinguish amoung the muscle groups used to perform a movement task
involves taking off on one or both feet and landing on both feet
jumping and hopping
involve a takeoff, a flight phase, and a landing.
gallop-forward direction with one foot leading and the other trailing behind
slide- same action performed sideways
involves taking off on one foot and landing on the same foot
phylo- hereditary factors
onto- environmental factors
locomotor skills
total body movements where the body is propelled in an upright posture from one point to another in a horizontal or vertical direction
Ex- running or jumping
8 components of locomotor skills
rhythmically alternating steps followed by a hop on the lead foot
(children must learn gallop/slide first)
guided-discovery activities
provides children at the elementary stage an opportunity to practice the skill
exploratory activities
provides children at the initital or elementary stage an opportunity to learn how and where their bodies can move