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Where are you from? (to a m)
mnin nta?
Where are you from? (to a f)
mnin nti?
Where are you from? (plural)
mnin ntuma?
I'm from...
ana mn...
I'm from America.
ana mn amrika.
Do you live here?
wesh katskun henna?
Where do you live?
fin katskun?
I live in the city
ana saken fe l'medina.
I live in the countryside.
ana saken fe l'badiya.
I live in the mountains.
ana saken fe l'jbel
I live in the suburbs of Dallas.
ana saken fe la berra mn Dallas.
I'm American. (m)

I'm American (f)
ana mirikani.

ana mirikaniya.
I'm French (m)

I'm French (f)
ana fransawi.

ana fransawiya.
I'm British (m)

I'm British (f)
ana neglizi

ana negliziya.
I'm Italian (m)

I'm Italian (f)
ana itali.

ana italiya.
What are you doing?
Ashnu katkir?
How long have you been here?
Sh'hal mad wenta hna?
I've been here for ...
Mad ... wana hna.
I'm going to stay for ...
Ghadu nkless...
This is my first visit to Morocco.
Hada marra lula l'jit da l'maghreb.