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What is the difference in treatment in Seminomas and Nonseminomatous Germ-cell tumors (NSGCT)?
What is the most common site of Metastases of Seminomas?
Para-aortic lymph nodes
A 30 year old man noticed painless enlargement of the left testicle and after 3 months decided to consult his family physician. The physician palpated the testes and found that the left testicles is enlarged and irregularly nodular and firm. He referred him to a urologist. AFP and hCG were normal
-tumor cells are arranged in lobules surrounded by fibrous strands and infiltrated with lymphocytes
What is this?
How do you know?
Intratubular Testicular Germ Cell Neoplasia = carcinoma in situ
What is this?
- keratin pearls
- glands
-neural tissue
What cancer is this?
How do you know?
Choriocarcinoma cells
- bulky masses with Hemorrhage and necrosis
What germ cell tumor is this?
What is the characteristic microscopic feature?
Yolk Sac
Schiller-Duval Bodies
What Germ Cell Tumor?
How do you know?
What do they secrete (tumor marker)?
Leydig cell tumor

90% are usually benign

*androgens secreted from Leydig tumor cells caused precocious puberty
8 year old boy bragged to his friend that his penis has grown during the summer vacation and that he has pubic hair. Had elevated blood androgens.
-What testicular cancer?
-Is it most likely to be benign or malignant?
Leydig Cell tumor
- Reinke crystalloids
- round nuclei with eosinophilic cytoplasm
What type of tumor is this?

What are the characteristics of the histology?
Yolk Sac Tumor
- 2 year old
- Schiller-duval bodies
A 2 year old had a tumor mass. This is the histology of the mass.
Yolk Sac tumor
-Schiller-Duval bodies
What testicular tumor?
- Meningitis
- Orchitis = Seminiferous tubule with inflammation
- Parotitis
A 3 year old boy developed fever, swelling on both sides of his face. The left testicle was enlarged and sensitive to touching.
A 70 year old man noticed that his right testis is enlarged and slightly painful and sensitive to palpation

What is the MOST LIKELY tumor?
Metastases from a different site
- Malignant Lymphoma
1. Male infertility
2. FSH (b/c loss inhibin made from Sertoli cells)
3. loss of Seminiferous tubules and decreased Testosterone
4. Orchitis, ischemia, toxic injury
1. What is this condition?
2. What would be elevated?
3. What would cause a decreased sperm count?
4. What are possible causes?
1. Leygid Cell tumor
2. Secrete hormones
- Androgen = macrogenitosomia
- Estrogen = Gynecomastia
A 50 year old man noticed that his breast have enlarged during the last 6 months. He also noticed slight scrotal discomfort. Physical examination revealed an irregularly enlarge slightly nodular left testicle.
1. What is the tumor?
2. What is the cause of the symptoms?
Syphillis = Treponema pallidum
What would be the cause of these 2 symptoms?
Systemic Vasculitis involving small blood vessels in many organs:
1. Recurrent ulcers
-penis/scrotum that are painful
2. Skin purpura/ulcerations
3. Arthritis
Behcet Syndrome
Neisseria gonorrhoea
A 28 year old man came back from a weekend in Baltimore and noticed a yellow discharge from his penis, associated with burning pain
N. gonorhoea inside neutrophils
- diplococci
Specimen taken from a urethral discharge

What is the agent?
What are the 3 most common microbes causing Urethritis?
1. Chlamydia trachomatis
2. N. gonorrhoea
3. Ureaplasma urealyticum
Non-infectios Urethritis of unknown etiology preceded by GI or GU infections

Clinical Triad:
- Urethritis
- Conjunctivitis
- Arthritis of weight carrying joints
Reiter Syndrome
Fibromatosis of the penis in adults
- curvature of erect penis
- pain on erection
- painful intercourse
Peyronie disease
What part of the penis has fibrosis in Peyronie disease?
Tunica Albuginea
Indwelling Catheter
A 60 year old man underwent coronary artery bypass surgery. In the first urine that he voided on his own he noticed blood.

What is this most likely due to?
Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the bladder

What type of cancer is this?

What is the greatest risk factor?
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
- median lobe of prostate has formed a valve
- trabeculae are on the bladder wall
Describe all the findings you see here
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
- trabeculae
- stones
- diverticulum
What is the cause of all this?
Prostate cancer
What is this?
Prostate Cancer

What cancer is this?

What histological cancer is it?
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
A 62 year old man had a yearly check-up. The only abnormality was elevation of PSA in the blood. Biopsy showed this. What is the diagnosis?
Embryonal Carcinoma Cells in NSGCT
What is this?
What likely caused this?
Urinary Bladder
This is metastatic testicular cancer. From where did it most likely originate?
Metastatic Testicular Adenocarcinoma = came from somewhere else
What kind of tumor is this?
Papillary Trasitional cell of the Urinary Bladder
What kind of tumor is this?