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what is the white part of the eye called?
sounds like mascara
Light is a form of ___________.
Most light comes from the _________.
Is the sun a natural or artificial source of light?
What is another name for "artificial"?
What type of energy does the sun produce from its nuclear reaction?
Why does the sun glow?
because it produces energy
name 4 types of natural light
sun, lightning bug, stars, moon
name 4 types of artificial light
neon signs, flashlights , fire, lightbulbs
What does luminous mean? Give an example
A luminous object is something that produces its own light. The moon, sun etc
How do we see object that are not luminous?
When energy from some light source hits them and bounces back from the object to our own eyes.. called reflective light.
The path of light always follows a ______ line.
What does transparent mean?
Something you can see through completely. Like a window.
What does translucent mean?
Something where you can partly see the object through it. example wax paper
What does opaque mean? give an example
You cannot see through it. Wood
What keeps dust out of your eye?
What protects the front of your eye?
What is the iris? What is it made of.
The colored part of the eye. It is a colored circle of muscles.
What is the pupil?
The round dot in the center of the iris.
What do your tear ducts do?
They carry tears from your eye to your nose
What makes tears? describe location.
your tear glands, located in the upper outer corner of the eye.
What is the cornea
the clear protective, tough, outer coating that protects the eye.
What is the iris and what is its function?
It is the colored part of the eye that controls the opening and closing of the pupil.
where is the retina located?
on the back wall of the eye.
What does the lens do?
it focuses the light entering the eye.
Where is the optic nerve and what is its function.
it is at the rear of the eye and it is a nerve that carries messages from the retina to the brain
What forms the back wall of the eye
the retina
What carries messages from the retina to the brain
the optic nerve
What part of the eye is similar to that of a camera, and how?
The lens because it focuses the light that enters the eye
By opening and closing, the _____ controls the amount of light that enters the eye.
Why do we blink our eyes?
to clean and moisten them
What is the light sensitive (means responds to light) part of the eye?
the retina
When light enters the pupil what does the light rays have to pass through?
the cornea
When the pupils are big, is there more light or less light coming into the eyes?
more light
After light has passed through the cornea and then the pupil where does it pass through next?
the lens
After the light has passed through the cornea, pupil, and then the lens what does the lens do with the light?
it focuses the light on the retina
Does the lens cause the image it focuses on the retina to be upside down?

If yes, what corrects the image so that we see things the right side up.

the brain
What controls the amount of light entering the eye?
We know that light travels in a ________ line, what happens to it if it is bounced off of a shiny surface like a mirror?
It will then bounce and travel in a different direction, the direction will depend on the angle of the light beam and the angle of the mirror.
When light travels through a transparent material other than air, like glass or water, does the light speed up or slow down.
slow down
What is a rainbow?
When white light is refracted or reflected, it separates into the different colors of the rainbow spectrum.
What does light refraction mean?
When light bends as it passes through water or thick transparent glass.
What do we need to see colour?
What happens when we see a red ball? What is the ball absorbing and reflecting?
The ball is absorbing all colors except red, it is reflecting the color red and that is what we see.

If it was a blue sweater, it is absorbing all colours except blue which is being bounced back to the eye.
What is light?
A form of energy that stimulates the eye and makes it possible to see things.
What is energy?
The ability to change something or do work.
What is opaque?
Not allowing light to pass through.
What is reflect?
To throw or bounce back
What is refract?
To cause a change in the direction of a light beam.
What happens when light is reflected?
Light reflected from an object travels right into your eyes, through the cornea, pupil and lens, and then is focused onto the retina by the lens... but the picture is upside down so the brain corrects the image and lets you see right side up.
Draw a picture of the eye and label:
CORNEA (clear cover that protects the eye)
PUPIL (round hole in the center of the iris)
IRIS (colored circle of muscles that controls the size of the pupil)
LENS (light going through the pupil then passes through the lens. The lens focuses light on the retina)
OPTIC NERVE (carries a signal from the retina to the brain)
Light always travels in a straight line and it takes the shortest path .... it does not curve. It tavels in straight lines in all directions away from its source.
When light travels directly from a source to an object it takes the ________ path. A _________ line.
What colours make up white light?
All the colours of the rainbow (the visible-light spectrum)
Does a mirror refract or reflect light?
Does a lens (concave or convex) reflect or refract light.
Light ________ when it passes at an angle from one material to another.