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what is a partrican?
a member of one of the original citizen families of anicent rome.
a member of one of the -------- citizen families of the anicent rome.
what is a province?
a divison of a country.
a ------- of a country.
who is Hannible?
he defeated the roman army but he failed to take walled city.
he crossed a body of water with elaphants and only one sevied with him.
what is a consul?
the annually elected chief magistrate.
elected chief.
what is a volcano?
a volcano is a hill that hasstuff comeing out of the top of it.
what is mars?
mars is god of war and violence
what is a virgil?
the roman poet
what is a republic?
a goverment in which citizens choose reps.
a goverment is a what?
what is a peninsula?
a peninsula is a piece of land suronded by a body of water..
a piece of land ------- -- - ---- --