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Claus Sluter

Well of Moses

Melchior Broerderlam

Retable de Champmol

-depict the Annunciation and Visitation on theleft panel

-thePresentation in the Temple and Flight into Egypt on the right panel.

- foreshadowed the widespread adoption of oil paints

Robert Campin

Merode Altarpiece

- Annuncation scene

-Artists often presented biblical scenes astaking place in a Flemish house

- Dress, towel, fire screen, bench symbolizes the vigrins purity

- Right panel, joseph making mousetrap (jesus catch devil)

- roses show virgins humility

Jan Van Eyck

Ghent Altarpiece

- Jan was the court painter of Philip the Good,duke of Burgundy, in 15th century.

- Upper=old testament prophets

-Middle= Annunciation

-Lower= Donor portraits

Jan Van Eyck

Arnolfini and his Bride

- Secular portrait

- making vows, little dog symbolizes fidelity

- self portrait in mirror

Jan Van Eyck

Man in a Red Turban

- looking right at painter

- Self portrait

Rogier Van Der Weyden


- mary + jesus same pose

- best representation of agony

Rogier Van Der Weyden

St.Luke drawing the virgin

- st.luke= 1st christian painter

- believed to be slef portrait of Rogier

- ox identifies it is st.luke

Rogier Van Der Weyden

Portrait of a Lady

- shows fragility

Petrus Christus

A goldsmith in His Shop

- portrays saint eligius

- Saint Eligius

- Brides girdle symbol of chasity

- pretty generic

Dirk Bouts

Last Supper

- 1st use of singular vanishing point

- increased complexity by adding servants

Hugo Van Der Goes

Portinari Altarpiece

- Central panel= adoration of the shepards

- 15 angels show 15 joys of mary

Hans Memling

St.John Altarpiece

The composition is balanced and serene,the colorsparkling and luminous,and the execution of the highest technical quality , all 15th century flemish qualities

- center panel= virgin with saints and angels

- to the left and right or mary is saint john the baptist+evangelist


Limbourg Brothers

Book of Hours

- Expanded the illusionist capabilities of illumination

- semi circles show the chariot of the sun as it makes its cycle through the 12 months and zodiac signs


Jean Fouquet

Melun Diptych

Veit Stoss

Krakow Altarpiece

- Death and Assumption of the Virgin

-Recalls late gothic architeture

Tilman Riemenscheider

Creglingen Altarpiece

- The Assumption

Konrad Witz

St.Peter altarpiece (miraculous Draught of Fish)

- background So accurate was traced back to shores of geneva

Michel Wolgemut

Nuremberg Chronicle

Martin Schongauer

Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons (metal engraving)

- Metal engraving

- hollows of the design, rather than ridges, take the ink

- reverse of woodcut

Nicola Pisano

Puplit of the Bapistry

Classical elements include:Corinthian capitals, Rounded arches, Relief sculpture

· Baptistery pulpit retains manymedieval design elements. For example the trefoil arches and the lionsupporting columns, but the panels draw on ancient Rome sarcophagus reliefs

Bonaventura Berlinghieri

Saint Francis Altarpiece

- leading painter in italo byzantine style

13th-14th century renaissance

- Timeline of Saint Francis' life


Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets

- One of the first artist to break away from the Italo-Byzantine style He relied on Byzantine models. Cimabue depicted the Madonna's massive throne as receding into space

Giotto (deplaced the byzantine style)

Madonna Enthroned

· Giottois considered the first Renaissance painter

- Giottoaimed to construct a figure that has substance, dimensionality and bulk-qualities suppressed in favor of a spiritual immateriality in Byzantine andItalo-Byzantine art





- saints of siena kneeling at marys feet

-59 narrative scenes for the maesta

-The back is subdivided into 26 compartments that illustrate the Passion of Christ

- Represents Sinese art in its supremeachievement


Betrayal of Jesus

Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi

Annunciation altarpiece from Siena cathedral


MAESTA (back) (Birth of the Virgin)

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Peaceful City

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Peaceful Country

Lorenzo Maitani

Orvieto Cathedral

Merovingian Fibulae

fastens garments

Stave Church, Urnes

-shows hiberno saxton art of infusing nature

Book of Durrow

- each had a coverpage for each evangelist (matthew is shown)

Saint Matthew

Tax collector

Winged man or angel

Gospel opens with a description of the ancestry of Christ

Saint Mark

first bishop of Alexandria in Egypt

Symbol is the lion, king of the desert

Saint Luke

Disciple of saint Paul


Symbol is the ox

Saint John

Most important apostle

sat next to Jesus at the last supper and ws present at the crucifixion, lamentation, and transfiguration.

Author of apocalypse

Symbol is the Eagle

Lindisfarne Gospels

Saint Matthew

- marriage between christian imagery and animal- interlace style

- Made 3D 2D

Book of Kells

-Greatest achievement of hiberno saxon art

Coronation gospel

- used shading instead of lines- classical painting style was one of Charlemagne's many components for Carolingian art.

Ebbo Gospel

-Of Saint Matthew- Merged classical illusionism and northern linear tradition

Utrecht Psalter

-wanted the book to appear ancient- has a nervous vitality

-acting out king davids psalms

Hildesheim Doors

- left is the book of Gensis (adams and eve)

-Right is the life of christ-(story of original sin and ultimate redemption)

Hildesheim Column

- ottonian art- 7 spirals in 24 scenes that tell christs life

Uta Codex

Made by Uta (WOMAN)

Shows the important role women could play in religious life and as patrons of the arts during the early middle ages

Rainer of Huy

Saint Alexander, Stavelot Abbey

combination of an idealized classical head with Byzantine-style enamels underscores the stylistic diversity of Romanesque art

Bayeux Tapestry, Bayeux Cathedral, France

Funeral procession to Westminster Abbey (top) and Battle of Hastings (bottom)

Master Hugo, the Bury Bible, Saint Edmunds England

- (top) moses and aaron proclaiming the law of the israelites- (bottom) moses pointing out the clean and unclean beasts

Eadwine the Scribe, Eadwine Psalter

- Rare portrayal of the artists in romanesque times

Virgin and the Child and angels, Chartres

- Survived the fire-Grid of iron bands=early gothic

God as Architect of the World, Paris

- This artist portrayed God as an industrious architectcreating the universe using the same tools as Gothic builders.

Villard De Honnecourt, Paris

-sought to demonstrate that simple geometric shapesare the basis of both natural forms and buildings.

Blanche of Castille, Louis IX, Paris

-this royal bookdepicts Saint Louis,his mother Blancheof Castile, andtwo monks.

Psalter of Saint Louis

- The colors emulate thoseof stained glass.- Abraham and the three angels- (left) Abraham greets the angels- (right) Abraham entertains the angels while his wife Sarah peers at them from a tent.

Nicholas of Verdun, sacrifice of Isaac

Nicholas of Verdun, Shrine of the Three Kings, Cologne Cathedral


contains relics of the three magi- Gave Colognes Archbishops the right to crow German Kings

Giovanni Pisano, Annucation, Nativity,and the adoration of the Shepards. San't Andrea, Italy

Nicola Pisano, Annunciation, Nativity, the adoration of the shepards. San't Andrea, Italy

Francesco or Buonamico, Triumph of Death

-fresco captures the horrors of death and forces viewers to confront their mortality- Left shows the inevitability of death while right shows ignoring reality .

Jan Van Eyck, Ghent Altar Piece open.

- salvation from the Original Sin of Adam and Eve and humanities redemption through christ.- To the right of god= mary- Left of God= Saint John- Shows God's infinite generosity-The altarpiece celebrates thewhole Christian cycle from the Fall to the Redemption, presentingthe Church triumphant in heavenly Jerusalem.