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-Pain score >2/10 requires intervention if chest pain then aim for 0/10 and follow ACS CPG

-Methoxyflurane and IN Fentanyl CI

-be cautious using Morphine and Fentanyl

Non IV therapy

Assess frailty or weight <60kg


- fentanyl 100mcg IN

-repeat up to 50mcg IN @ 5/60 titrated to pain or SE max 200mcg

Not frail

-fentanyl 200mcg IN

-repeat up to 50mcg IN @ 5/60 titrated to pain and SE max 400mcg

Unable to give IN fentanyl

-Methoxyflurane 3mL

-repeat methoxyflurane 3/mL PRN max 6ML

Opioid IV therapy

-up to 5mg Morphine IV and flush

-repeat up to 5mg Morphine IV and flush @ 5/60 titrate -max 20mg

Opioid non IV therapy


-10mg Morphine IM

-repeat 5mg Morphine @15/60 once only


-0.1mg/kg Morphine IM single dose only/consult

IV therapy if allergic to Morphine

-fentanyl 25-50mcg IV and flush

-repeat fentanyl 25-50mcg IV and flush @5/60 titrated

-max 200mcg