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Nerve endings that are activated by painful stimuli

Tissue damage causes inflammation which causes...

Bradykinin and prostaglandins which activates nociceptors

define suffering

Pain persisting without meaning

Small diameter fibers carry ____ impulses while large-diameter fibers carry_____ impulses

Pain, nonpain

What is the gate control theory

Input modified at spinal cord level before transmission to brain

What are the four phases of nociceptive pain

Transduction, transmission, perception, modulation

Define transduction

Mediators of immune response are triggered

Define modulation

Body attempts to lower perception of pain

What kind of medication work at blocking transduction


______ block transmission, ______ block perception

Opoids, distraction /imagery

Drugs that block neurotransmitters uptake work on...


How long does acute pain lasts for

Up to 6 months

Define visceral pain

Body organ injury deep dull poorly localized

_______ pain last anywhere from months to year and pain area is hard to identify


As body adapts to pain________ return to normal

Vital signs

What is psychogenic pain

Emotional rather than physical

Define pallor


Define dysphasia

Difficulty swallowing

What medication is given to patients who have overdosed


What is cox-2 inhibitor

Form of NSAID that targets cyclooxygenase, an enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain

What is diaphoresis

Sweating due to a pain response