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An object is neutrally buoyant when it displaces an amount of water less than its own weight?
False, when it displaces less is negative, positive is when it displaces more, so its neutrally buoyant
buoyancy control on the surface?
you can save energy and rest
buoyancy control underwater?
you can move freely in all directions and avoid damaging aquatic life
the same object would be more buoyant in_________, than it would be in________.
Saltwater, Freshwater
What is a squeeze?
A condition that causes pain an discomfort when the pressure outside an air space of your body is less than the pressure inside an air space.
Technique to equalize during descent?
Block your Nose and attempt to gently blow through it.
True or False: Because water is denser than air the pressure change for a given distance ascent or descent is significantly greater in water than in air.
How often you should equalize during descent?
Every metre/few feet
True or false: If you feel discomfort in your ears while descending you should continue descending until the discomfort is gone?
The most important rule in scuba diving is?
Never never never hold your breathe.
What is a Reverse Block?
A condition that occurs when expanding air cannot escape from a body air space during ascent, causing pain and discomfort.
what you should do if you feel discomfort while ascending due to air expansion?
Slow or stop ascending and give the trapped air time to work its way out.
Why your nose has to be enclosed in the mask?
So you can equalize your mask.
Explain the best way to prevent water from entering your scuba cylinder.
To don't let it be completely empty.
The most important consideration for a regulator is?
Ease of breathing