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Cardinal signs of infection
Rubor, Tumor, Calor, Dolor, Loss fcn
What are the triggers of inflammation?
infection, trauma, physical/chemical agents, necrosis, foreign body, hypersensitivity
Charac of acute inflamm
Rapid onset, short duration, dilate vessels,inc permeability, inc flow, exudate fluid & protein, leukocyte recruitment & activation
Cellular components of acute inflamm
Margination, adhesion, chemotaxis, phago
Purpose of vascular changes?
Max plasma proteins & inflammatory cells to the site of injury
What causes vasodilation?
histamine & NO-> heat & redness
What causes swelling?
Inc permeability-> efflux of protein rich fluid into extravascular space. Inc hydrostatic pressure & inc tissue osmotic pressure
What causes stasis?
Inc viscosity secondary to fluid loss-> leukocytes collect & marginate through extravascular space
What cause leaky endothelium?
Endothelial gaps, directendothelial injury, delayed prolonged leakage, leulocyte ,ediated injury, inc transcytosis, leakage form new vessels
Diff b/w exudate & transudate
Exudate is high in proteins, cellular debris, high specific gravity, & charac of local disease. Trasudate is ultrfiltrate of plasma, low protein, lower SG, & charac of systemic disease
Components of extravasation?
Margination, rolling, & adhesion, diapedesis, chemotaxis, phago & degranulate
What is margination?
Due to stasis, leulkocytes fall out of the central axial stream & bind to the endothelium
What mediates rolling?
Selectins form low affinity bonds w/ sialyl-Lewis Xmodified glycoproteins: E is on endothelium, L on leukocytes, & P is on plts
What mediates adhesion?
Integrins on leukocytes bind ICAM1 or VCAM1. High affinity bond
What mediates transmigration?
Chemokine induced activation of the leukocytes-> spread put bind CD31 (PECAM-1) @ endothlial jcn. WBC secret collagenase
What causes Leukocyte adhesion deficiency 1?
Defective integrins
What causes leukocyte adhesion deficiency 2?
Absence of Sialyl-Lewis X; inability to bind E-selectin
What is chemotaxis?
Migration through tissue to injury
What mediates chemotaxis?
Exogenous chemoattractants (bacterial products) & endogenous chemoattractants (leukotriene B4, Complement components C5a, cytokines)
Mech of chemotaxis
Chemoattractants bind G-proteins on WBC->PLC->IP3->inc Ca-> actin polymerization
What enhances phago engulfing
Opsonization by IgG, C3b, and certain lectins
What is the most efficient bacterial system in neutrophils?
Myeloperoxidase (MPO)- H2O2 +2Cl-> HOCl
What are some oxy-independent mech?
Bacterial permeability inc protein, Lysozyme, lactoferrin, MBP (eosinophils), Defensins
What is Chediak-Higashi syndrome?
defective enzyme tranfer to phagcytic vesicles
Chronic granulomatous disease?
Defent in NADPH oxidase