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How is heat transferred through solid objects?


How is heat transferred through liquids and gases?


What happens to the particles in a solid when they are heated?

Gain more energy and start vibrating.

The greater an objects thermal conductivity the ...

More energy per second it can transfer.

If a material is a good insulator is it a good or bad thermal conductor?


What is Infrared radiation?

Wavelength emitted by heat.

The higher the temperature of an object, the ...

more infrared radiation it emits.

An object that has a constant temperature emits ...

radiation across a continuous range of wavelengths.

What is specific heat capacity?

The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1Kg of a substance by 1C.

The energy transferred to a device is equal to...

mass X specific heat capacity X temperature change

Why is fibreglass such a good insulator?

It contains pockets of air in it.

Why do some radiators have aluminium sheets between them and the wall?

Reflects the heat back into the room.

What are the units for specific heat capacity?


Why might a house in africa have a shiny metal roof?

Reflect heat and keep the inside cooler.

What is the energy transfer that happens on a solar panel?

Light to electrical