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is it legal to turn onto a one-way street with a red light?


what's the speed limit for alleys and narrow residential streets?


what's the speed limit for businesses and school zones?


what's the speed limit for residential areas, public parks, and beaches?


what's the speed limit for highways?


what's the speed limit for the interstate?


what is a safe following distance?

2-4+ seconds

when should you leave more space between your car and the car ahead of you?

slippery road, carrying a heavy load, driver behind you wants to pass, hard to see, following bikes or motorcycles, following emergency vehicles, following drivers who can't see you (trucks etc.), when stopped on a hill, when approaching a rr x

which lane should you turn into when turning?

closest lane in the direction you are traveling to the closest lane in the direction you want to go

how early do you have to signal when turning?

at least 100ft before the turn

where are reverse/u-turns prohibited?

intersections with a traffic light (unless there's a sign saying you can), between intersections, any urban area where you can't see traffic coming for 500ft both directions, rural areas if you can't see traffic coming for 1000ft both directions, anywhere u-turns are prohibited by official signage

can you pass or drive beside a truck in a roundabout?

nope, it's illegal buddy

what should you do when an emergency vehicle comes through a roundabout?

drive through it (if you're in it already) and pull off to the right shoulder

on which side of a vehicle should you pass?

the left, and must be entirely completed within a passing zone

when should you signal to pass?

before passing

when may you pass on the right?

when the driver you're passing has signaled for or is making a left turn, you're travelling on a road with 2 or more lanes and the vehicle is in the left lane

where can't you stop/stand/park your car?

in an intersection, on the roadside of another car (double parking), on a sidewalk or crosswalk, on or within 7.5ft of a rr x, in a bicycle lane/path, on a bridge or overpass, between separate roadways of a divided highway, in a tunnel, anywhere signs prohibit it, in front of a public or private driveway, within 10 ft of a fire hydrant, within 15 ft of a fire station on the same side of the street or 75 on the opposite side, within 20 ft of a crosswalk, within 50 ft of a flashing signal or yield/stop/etc. sign

what is the leading cause of traffic collisions?

human error, this is dumb but sounds like something they'd put on the test

how many seconds ahead should you be watching when driving?

12-15 seconds (about a city block)

how should you check before changing lanes?

first your mirrors and then look over your left shoulder to check your blind spot

when do headlights need to be turned on?

from sunset to sunrise, or in low visibility weather

when do you need to dim your brights?

within 500ft of an approaching vehicle and 350ft of a vehicle ahead of you

when are studded tires allowed?

from nov 1 to april 1

is it legal to talk on the phone while driving?

yes, but only while using a hands free accessory (bluetooth)

do pedestrians have the right of way?


when may you continue when a pedestrian is crossing in front of you?

when they have cleared your lane and the entire lane next to you

do you have to stop for a pedestrian on the other side of an island from you?


when do you have to follow school zone speed limits?

during school days (7am-5pm), any time kids are present, any time a yellow light on the sign is flashing

what should you do when the red lights on a school bus start flashing?

anyone behind or overtaking the bus (on BOTH sides of the street) must stop and stay stopped until the lights stop flashing; unless you're on a divided highway (w/ unpaved median), then you only have to stop if you're on the same side as the bus

how should you stop for church or work vehicles w/ flashing lights?

the same as for a school bus

what should you do when you hear an emergency vehicle approaching?

immediately drive as close to the right side of the road or the curb as is safe, clear an intersection, and stop; stay stopped until it's passed or an officer tells you to move

how close can you follow an emergency responder?

no closer than 500ft

what should you do when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle or tow truck with hazard lights on?

get one lane farther away to leave space for stopped vehicles

what is the implied consent law?

by driving a vehicle you have implied consent to a breath, blood, or urine test if you are asked to do so

what happens on your first, second, and third dui conviction?

first: suspension of driving for one year

second: suspension for 3 years (if it occurred within 5 years of the previous one)

third: permanent revoking of driving privileges

is there an open container law?

YES. no open alcohol in the car bro, and no drugs either obvs

what should you do if you're in a collision?

stop, give help, exchange information, and file a report (you must move your vehicle off the road if you are able and the car is operable)

how far away should your vehicle's lights be visible?

from 500ft

how far behind you must you be able to see at all times?2


who is most likely to be killed in a workzone crash?

drivers and passengers

what will happen if you're in a crash and you don't have liability insurance?

driving suspended for one year,