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Define Staccato

Light and Separated

Define Legato

Smooth and connected style

Define Tenuto

To hold note to fullest value

What does pp stand for?

Pianissimo, very soft

What does p stand for?

Piano, soft

What does mp stand for?

Mezzo-forte, medium soft

What does f stand for?

Forte, loud

What does mf stand for?

Mezzo-forte, medium loud

What does ff stand for?

Fortissimo, very loud

Define arco

To bow

What is a key signature?

The amount of sharps or flats in a piece of music.

Define accent

Weight on the front of the note

What is a time signature?

Rhythm following a clef

Define marcato

Played with emphasis

Define tutti

Playing together

What does a sharp, flat and natural do to a note?

Sharp raises the note as half step, flat lowers the note a half step and the natural does nothing to the note.

What does the top number do to the time signature?

It says how many beats per measure

What does the bottom number do to the time signature?

Shows what note gets the beat

What clef is this? Used by violins.

What clef is this? Used by violins.

Treble clef

What clef is this? Used by violas.

What clef is this? Used by violas.

Alto clef

What clef is this? Used by cellos.

What clef is this? Used by cellos.

Bass clef

What is the order of flats and sharps?


What language is music terminology written in?

Latin. Haha just kidding, Italian

What note has 4 beats?

Whole note

What note has 2 beats?

Half note

What note has 1 beat?

Quarter note