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The two types of recovery are?
instance recovery and data recovery
Type your answer below. If a power outage has caused your system to go down, what type of failure have you just experienced?
Which type of transaction can be recovered in the event of an instance failure?
Type your answer below. What type of failure requires data recovery?
From which type of damage is there no recovery?
log file
This term is used to describe a logical group of work. This group of work can consist of one or many SQL statements and must end with a commit or a rollback.
This definition assumes a client/server application, so SQL*Net is necessary.
This records all changes made to the Oracle database. The purpose is to ensure that, in the event of media failure, the database can be recovered if the datafile is lost.
redo log
It is recommended that all production systems be run in this mode.
Archiving is enabled by running the this command & parameter in Server Manager?
alter database archivelog;
Archiving is disabled by running the this command & parameter in Server Manager?
alter database noarchive;
If you are in ARCHIVELOG mode and want to disable it for a particular startup, you can set this Oracle parameter
It is recommended that you keep your online archive log files on?
raid protected volume
If you set this Oracle parameter, a second copy of each archive log file will be created in this directory.
What files are typically stored offline?
archive log files
contain information about the physical construction of the database
control files
If lost, it might still be possible to re-create it, but it will be very difficult.
What files contain information on the physical construction of the database?
control files
What files contain information on the physical construction of the database?
Finish the ALTER DATABASE command that will write SQL to a file that can be used to re-create the controlfiles.
backup controlfile to trace;
This type of backup is best because you get a consistent view of the entire database?
full offline backup
The full offline backup is sometimes called?
consistent whole database backup
this is done when the database is shutdown cleanly.
A full online backup is really just a combination of
tablespace and control file backups
Online backups are valid only if you are running in?
archivelog mode
a collection of disk drives configured to act as one larger disk drive.
disk array
disk array is a set of disk drives that make up a larger disk. This logical disk is sometimes called?
logical volume
The logical volume is made up of identical-sized pieces of the individual drives, called?
The size of the stripe is called the
striping factor
A typical striping factor is how many blocks? How many bytes in a block
32, 512
What is the term for identical-sized pieces of the individual drives within the logical volume?
reads to different data can occur simultaneously on different mirrored disks are referred to as?
split reads
The disk with the heads closest to the requested data retrieves the data.
with this you achieve the highest level of protection as well as the fastest disk access possible for a fault-tolerant volume?
disk mirroring
RAID-5 is also known as
distributed data guarding
With raid 5, how many I/O's are generated per read? Per Write?
1, 4
This RAID level has an independently computed data check?
raid 6
Disk Space = (N–2) * Disk Size
What term refers to reads that can occur simultaneously on different mirrored disks?
split reads
If your system needs fast disk access as well as a high level of protection, which RAID level is your best choice?
raid 1
Unless the write cache is protected, it is not usually recommended that write-caching be enabled on the?
redo log volume
What RAID level uses a parallel access method to achieve high performance?
raid 3
If the failure occurs on the volume containing your redo log files, you can recover only up to the last good
archived log file
On which volume would failure result in recovering only up to the last good archived log file?
redo log file volume
Because of it's good performance, this RAID level should be used at least for OS & Redo Log file volumes
raid 1
Three critical areas that should be protected are the?
OS, Redo Logs and Archive Logs
If possible, put each redo log file on a separate?
mirrored volume
use this RAID level on read intensive volumes?
The performance degradation experienced when using this RAID level occurs only on writes.