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define spirit....

holy hell this was actually a definition that we have to know
The breath of life: the animating or vital principle giving life to physical organisms
has to do with the spirit or soul; ability to find peace and happiness in an imperfect world
What are the 4 elements of spirituality
Meaning and purpose to life

Connection with others


Spiritual Energy
illness has the following effects: just read

change in body image, pain, mood interpersonal relationships,

heightens awareness of personal limits/unfulfilled purpose

if life threatening, may challenge our perspectives on life and its meaning
Review spirituality in the osteopathic philosophy; 3 inseparable parts of the body unity as described by the almighty A.T. Still
• Dr.Still viewed spirituality not as a hypothetical abstraction but as a harmonious, resonant, inseparable part of body unity he called:
– Mind (mind)
– Matter (body)
– Motion (spirit or life)

This was known as "Triune"
what is guided imagery?
evoking mental images to producce a phyiologic response (stress reduction, chronic pain control, adjunct to cancer chemo)
always make sure your pts spiritual needs are being met, as it can be important to them and their health...
just know it
What is "Triune"
– Mind (mind)
– Matter (body)
– Motion (spirit or life)

3 the parts of humans according to AT Still
specific system of belief, worship, conduct, often involving code of ethics and philosophy describes?

note: not the same as spirituality, but a way of expressing it
people with religious beliefs have been found to...
have lower BPs

better recovery from illness

just better ass health

there was a prayer study that showed ppl who pray did better in the hospital (less vent time)
Note: it isn't necessary to share the pts religious spiritual beliefs, but you must
understand and respect their beliefs
what was the physical body called by AT Thrill
the second placenta