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Oedipus' opening speech

Children, new and old blood of Casks

Carrying branches of supplication

I thought it wrong to rely on reports

'Famous Oedipus'

The priests reply

Oedipus ruler of our country

Sitting at your alters

Is like a ship caught in a storm at sea, unable to keep afloat

Stillborn//Plague //emptying

Oedipus' hubris

I know, poor children

But the sickness that you all suffer is less than mine

Oedipus' attitude to the gods in the beginning

I would be wrong not to do all that the god makes clear

Creon brings the prophecy

Someone must be exiled, or a death must pay for a death. The spilling of blood has brought this storm on the city.

Oedipus ' desire to find the truth

We could learn a lot from one clue