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What is meant by the term 'Initial rate of reaction'?
The cnange in concentration of a reactant, or product per unit time at t=0.
Define 'rate of reaction'
Change in concentration of a reactant or product per unit time.
How would you calculate the rate of a reaction from a concentration / time graph?
Draw a tangent to the line at the given time, and work out the gradient. The answer will be in moldm-3s-1
What is the rate equation for
A + B --> C if it is first order with respect to A and B?
Rate = k[A][B]
How do you calculate the overall order of reaction of a reaction?
Add up the powers on the concentrations from the rate equation.
Define k, the rate constant
The constant that links the rate of reaction with the concentrations of the reactants raised to the powers of their orders in the rate equation.
What is 'half life'?
The time taken for the concentration of a reactant to reduce by half.
What is meant by the term 'rate determining step'?>
The slowest step in a reaction
What is a heterogeneous equilibrium?
An equilibrium in which all the species making up the reactants and products are in different physical states.
What is a homogeneous equilibrium?
An equilibrium in which all the species making up the reactants and products are in the same physical state.
In Kc calculations, under what circumstances can you cancel out the volume of solution?
If Kc has no units.
What effect does pressure have on Kc?
What effect does a catalyst have on Kc?
What effect does temperature have on Kc?
If temp increases and the forward reaction is endothermic, then Kc will increase. If the forward reaction is endothermic, then Kc would decrease with an increase in temperature.
What can you work out about the rate equation from the balanced equation.
Nothing. The rate equation is produced using experimental data only.
Define an acid
Proton donor
Define a base
Proton acceptor
What is an alkali?
A base that dissolves in water forming OH- ions in solution.
What is an acid-base pair?
A pair of two species that transform into each other by gain or loss of a proton.
Define pH
pH = -log[H+]