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What is a large body of water surrounded on three sides with a very large mouth called?
a gulf
What is another name for the ocean or a smaller section of the ocean called?
the sea
What is a strip of land almost surrounded by water and attached to a larger piece of land called?
a peninsula
What is a huge body of salt water that covers three quarters of the earth and separates the continents?
the ocean
What is a long ridge of sand and gravel that forms in the water near a beach called?
a sandbar
What is the name of triangle shaped land that forms where a river folws into a slow moving body of water?
a delta
What is a body of water surrounded by land on three sides that is smaller than a gulf called?
a bay
What is the name for molten lava that flows from a volcano
What is the name of a very small bay called?
a cove
What is a narrow strip of water that connects two larger bodies of water called?
a strait
What is the land that is right next to the ocean called?
This is narrow strip of land with water on both sides that connects two larger pieces of land:
an isthmus
This is a round, oval or horseshoe shaped island that surrounds a lagoon:
an atoll
What is the name of land that is completely surrounded by water and smaller than a continent called?
an island
These are the largest areas of land that separate the earth's oceans:
the continents
What is a shallow body of water usually separated from the ocean by sandbars or reefs
a lagoon