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Atlantic Ocean
I am the second largest ocean on Earth.

I am the ocean you swim in when you go to the beach in New Jersey.

I am located between North America, South America, and Europe and Africa.

I am less salty than other oceans.
The Southern or Antarctic Ocean
I am located near Antarctica.

The waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans all meet in my ocean.

More than half of my waters freeze over in winter.

In the summer some of my ice breaks off forming an iceberg.
The Arctic Ocean
I am the smallest ocean.

I am the shallowest ocean.

I am special because I am almost completely surrounded by land.

I am covered by a thick layer of ice for 6 months of the year.

I am located above Europe and Asia.
The Pacific Ocean
I am the largest ocean.

I am the deepest ocean.

I am located next to North America, and South America.

I am not located near Europe or Africa.
The Indian Ocean
I have many coral reefs.

I am located between Africa and Australia, below Asia.