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which is not a method for measuring energy in food?
barocalorimeter & Amounts of fiber in food
what bmi is used to define being overweight?
what is a limitation of a bmi measure?
muscle mass & ethnic groups
what is a healthy rate of weight loss?
1-2 lbs per week or 10% of your bodyweight/year
how many pounds could a person lose if they were to eat 500 less calories/ day for a week
what are the three major components for energy expenditure?
food consumption, physical activity, & basal metabolism
which is not a risk for underweight individuals?
which of the following is not part of the female athlete triad?
which is not a health risk associated with bulimia?
protein-energy malnutrition
which is not a factor that affects basal metabolic rates?
what is an agent that induces vomiting?
which hormone increases appetite and decreases energy expenditure?
Which is a key to sensible weight loss?
nutritional adequecy
which is not a sensible way for an underweight person to gain weight?
lower energy density
what is true about laxatives?
users become dependent
what is not true about the freshman fifteen?
students on average gain over fifteen pounds
why was ephedrine banned?
it was linked to several heart attacks and seizures
which is not a health risk associated with obesity?
what is not a step in behavior modification?
change behaviors at least 2 at a time
who should not have gastric bypass surgery?
someone who can't stick to a strict diet
what is the recommended amount of kcalories to be used during healthy exercise per week?
what is not a benefit of exercise?
decreased circulation
what are the three components of exercise?
strength, cardiorespiratory, flexibility
how is glucose stored in the liver and muscles?
how many different energy systems can be used during exercise?
which energy system is used aerobically?
which energy system is used for short term activities, such as 100-meter dash?
creatine phosphate
what is the product of anaerobic glycolysis?
what is the term that describes no longer being able to lose weight while doing the same amount of physical activity?
hitting the wall
at what percent of water loss is performance decreased?
at what percent of water loss is a person likely to collapse?
what nutrient is utilized by the body to carry oxygen?
Which term describes the decrease in sodium in the blood supply?
What non-caloric nutrients are important in exercise?
sodium, potassium, chloride, & magnesium
what should an athletes pre and post game meals consist of?
high fiber, low carbohydrate
List 4 photochemicals
lcopene, falvnoids, resveratrol, curcumin
central obesity is associated with
cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and osteoporosis
what are causes of the female athlete triad?
stress & culture expectations