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Define MCV

mean corpuscular volume, size of RBCs

Define macrocytic vs microcytic

Macrocytic = RBCs larger than normals, due to low folate

Microcytic = RBCs smaller than normal, due to low iron

What are the properties/functions of Vit B12?

-coenzyme in conversion of homocystein -> methionine using methyl from 5-methy tetrahydrofolate

-Tetrahydrofolate important in nucleic acid synthesis, so DNA synthesis impaired as result.

-Deficiency leads to demyelination via abnormal methione synthase activity

In what diet(s) is B12 deficiency more common?


What are sources of B12?

Meat, eggs, milk + milk products

How does B12 deficiency contribute to cerebral atrophy?

B12 important for methione synthase

What causes anemia

Low folate

Describe the roles of each vitamin/nutrient

Thiamin - carb metabolism

B6 - Transfer of nitrogen groups for protein synthesis

B12 - Odd chain fatty acid, myelination

Niacin/riboflavin - NAD/NADH + FAD/FADH

zinc - protein synthesis

What characteristics are associated w/ Vit C deficiency

Scurvy, increased capillary fragility

*associated with collagen synthesis

What are the causes of the following diseases?

Obesity = excess nutrients

Rickets = Vitamin D deficiency

Wernickle-Korsakoff = Vit B1

Scurvy = Vit C