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Forbidden: Pork, fowl, shellfish.
- Milk and meat products must be kosher and must not be mixed
-shortening life or suicide forbiden
-Ritual cleansing and prep of dead for buriel by muslems
-Dying muslems want head facing mecca (East)
-NO Eating pork/alcohol
-No restrictions of med/procedures
Christian Science
-Healing is thru prayer
-medication not used
-Bl. & Bl.Products avoided
Jehovah's Witness
-Smoking prohibited
-Alcholic bev allowed
-Dietary restrict: meat must be properly blead
-Aboritions and sterilizations prohibited
-Autopsy and crematioin allowed
illness is god's punishment for sin
Baha'i International Community
Harmony between religion and science
Seventh Day Adventist
-Avoid unnecessary tx on Sat
-Dont smoke or drink alcohol
-Usually do not drink milk or caffeinated bev.
-prohibit alcoholic bev (some)
-no med/tx restrictions
Roman Catholicism
-Sacrament of sick
-nurse may baptize a critically ill newborn
-only natural birth control
-Perm sterilization prohibited.