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What is the nurse's role as a Continuing Care Planner?
They assess the patient's needs across the continuum
What is the nurse's role as a Coordinator of Care?
They collaborate the patient's care with other team members
What is the nurse's role as an Educator?
With the healthcare team, they facilitates the patient's learning re: health promotion, disease/illness and their specific Rx
What is the nurse's role as a Critical Thinker?
They need to provide quality, cost-effective patient care
How is critical thinking used in Analysis of Nursing Process (NP)?
by examining ideas and identifying argument - analyzing data that may point to health problems
What is the nurse's role as a Caregiver?
They assess the patient; they analyze information to determine needs, develop the nursing dx, collaborate on problems; they plan for and carry out the patient's care, then evaluate that care
How is critical thinking used in Assessment of Nursing Process (NP)?
by systemically collecting Obj. and Subj. data to identify actual and potential problems
How is critical thinking used in Implementation of Nursing Process (NP)?
ACTION Phase - initiating specific Rx plan/POC
How is critical thinking used in Planning of Nursing Process (NP)?
by setting priorities and expected outcomes, selecting interventions and determining resources
What is the relationship of critical thinking (CT) and Evidence Based Practice (EBP)?
CT needs to be based on EBP; judgements based on scientific evidence, not tradition or guesswork; Evidence is result of research; Nursing has increased its research findings to base their practice on
What is a Nursing Dx?
a statement of the patient's actual or potential response to a disease/disorder
How is critical thinking used in Evaluation of Nursing Process (NP)?
by assessing outcomes and claims; indicating what degree a pt. has met their outcomes; includes documenting this also